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null NSA Professor Ostovar’s New Article: The Grand Strategy of Militant Clients: Iran’s Way of War

October 15, 2018

NSA Professor Afshon Ostovar has had a new article titled “The Grand Strategy of Militant Clients: Iran’s Way of War” in a recent edition of Security Studies. In the article (from the abstract), Dr. Ostovar argues that militant clients should be understood as a pillar of Iran’s grand strategy and an extension of its military power. He examines why Iran has relied on militant clients since the 1979 revolution and the benefits and costs of its client approach. In evaluating these, he identifies five main areas where Iran has gained from its client strategy: 1) maintaining independence from the West; 2) successfully exporting its religio-political worldview; 3) extending its military reach and power; 4) reducing political costs of its foreign activities; and 5) establishing needed regional allies. He further identifies the main dangers that Iran faces by continuing its strategic behavior: 1) increased pressure from the United States and a broader US military regional footprint; 2) more unified regional adversaries; 3) the risk of unintended escalation with the United States and regional adversarial states; and 4) enduring regional instability and insecurity, and 5) the exasperation of domestic political tensions and economic challenges.   

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