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null NSA Prof. James Russell Article on Twenty-First Century Innovation Pathways for the U.S. Navy

July 20, 2020

The Naval War College Review has released a new article titled “Twenty-First-Century Innovation Pathways for the US Navy in the Age of Competition” by NSA Professor James Russell. In the article, Dr. Russell discusses how recent programs such as the littoral combat ship, the Zumwalt-class guided-missile destroyer, and the Ford-class aircraft carrier all have highlighted the Navy’s failure to produce innovative, affordable ships in the quantity and of the quality needed to configure a larger, redesigned fleet. He argues that to successfully innovate, the Navy must address the mistakes of these program. Failure to do so may have disastrous consequences in an era wherein Russia and China are actively pursuing and developing a new technologies and maritime strategies. He also warns that US “political and military leaders need to articulate clearly a set of strategic priorities that the bureaucracy and other stakeholders in the process can operationalize into weapon systems.

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