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NSA Department Appoints a New Chair: Professor Clay Moltz

September 19, 2018

Professor Clay Moltz will assume the duties of the Chair of the Department of National Security Affairs effective 24 September 2018. From 2012–16, Prof. Moltz served as the NSA Department’s Associate Chair for Research, while also directing the Center on Contemporary Conflict (CCC) and the Project on Advanced Systems and Concepts for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (PASCC). He is the recipient of the 2015 Carl E. and Jesse W. Menneken Award for Significant Research and Sustained Contributions to the Navy and the Department of Defense as well as the 2010 Richard W. Hamming Award for Interdisciplinary Achievement. Prof. Moltz joined NPS in 2007, and he holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.A. and B.A. from Stanford University.