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null India’s Wars: New Chapter and Article by Professor S. Paul Kapur

August 8, 2018

NSA Professor S. Paul Kapur, a leading specialist on India-Pakistan relations, recently published a book chapter titled “India’s Wars” in The Oxford Handbook of India’s National Security. This handbook is the first comprehensive analysis of India’s national security challenges. It focuses on India’s external as well as internal security challenges and traditional as well as non-traditional challenges to India’s national security. The handbook also focuses on the major theoretical approaches to India’s national security and on the relationship between national security and state-making. In his chapter, Professor Kapur discusses the claim that “Indian national security policy has been characterized by passivity, emphasizing caution over risk taking, and often achieving indecisive outcomes” and argues this is not the whole story as India has been reactive, proactive, or chosen not to respond to provocations. Inconclusive outcomes resulted not necessarily from caution but political goals seeking to maintain status quo in the region.

Professor Kapur also has a new article in East Asia Forum titled, “Asia’s Nuclear Nemeses.” In the article, he discusses how China and Pakistan view India’s nuclear developments, including the most recent test of its Agni V intermediate-range ballistic missile, in the context of strategic competition. Moreover, in discussion about the South Asian nuclear developments, he argues, “the greatest regional danger stems from Pakistan’s emergent battlefield nuclear capability.”

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