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null Divided We Fall: Why the ‘America First’ Policy Has Created New Problems; Article by Professor Zachary Shore

December 4, 2020

Professor Zachary Shore’s most recent article, “Divided We Fall: Why the ‘America First’ Policy Has Created New Problems,” appears on The National Interest webpage. In his article, he discusses the unity of countries and how America assisted allies during difficult times. Shore also discusses the vantage point of 2020, and how it may be hard to imagine Americans uniting to assist other countries in need of help (i.e., the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, the concentration camps filled with Chinese Uighurs, and human-rights abuses like those seen in the Philippines and Hong Kong). Shore points out that Americans must reunite (with the help of politicians, the media, and civic leaders) and focus on what we can do for those in need abroad. As he states in the article, “[…] at this holiday season, we could begin a process of renewal by helping strangers overseas, as we have so often done before.”

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