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New Articles on Programing Challenges and Command and Control by NSA Professor Young

June 1, 2018

In early 2018, Defense & Security Analysis published an article by NSA Professor Thomas-Durell Young titled “Programming Challenges and Impediments to reform: Identifying Pragmatic Solutions.” Using two of his recently published essays, Professor Young assesses the dismal record of performance of Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System in enabling communist legacy defense institutions in both Central and Eastern Europe to develop viable defense plans, and he argues the need for deep reforms in the region’s defense institutions. To guide this reform effort, he suggests pragmatic solutions to improve these organizations’ ability to produce viable defense plans.

Also in early 2018, the journal Comparative Strategy published an article by Professor Young, titled “Can NATO's ‘New’ Allies and Key Partners Exercise National-level Command in Crisis and War?” In the article, Professor Young posits that most post-communist members of NATO and key partners continue using communist concepts of command, such as hyper-centralizing decision making, collective decision making, and unclear chains of command and alignment of authority with responsibility, at the national level of governance. He also argues that these weaknesses could have the unexpected consequence of compromising “new” allies’ national sovereignty in crisis and war.

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