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null Article by NPS Graduate Draws Praise from Air Force COS

February 21, 2019

The Daily Republic of Solano Country, CA, recently featured an article by NPS graduate Lt. Col. Paul Pawluk titled “Team Travis: How Do You Define Inspirational Leadership?” In his article, the NPS alum discusses inspirational leadership, and the importance culture plays in this. In the article, Pawluk argues, “Anyone can copy your strategy, but no one can copy your culture. Thus, culture is our strategy in building resilient and ready squadrons in the face of great-power competition with peer competitors like Russia or China.” The article caught the attention of the Air Force Chief of Staff (COS), General David Goldfein. The COS declares himself a “big fan” of Pawluk’s commentary and notes, “We see eye-to-eye on several points, including the value of professional writing by military leaders, and more importantly, the role of inspirational leaders and unit culture in the success of our mission.”

In September 2013, Lt. Col., then a major and student of the NSA Department, received his Master of Arts in Security Studies (Europe and Eurasia).

To read the “Team Travis” article, click here.