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null 2019 JPR Article of the Year Award Goes to NSA Prof Hafez and Co-authors

February 24, 2020

NSA Professor Mohammed Hafez has co-authored (with Emily Kalah Gade and Michael Gabbay) an award winning article, “Fratricide in Rebel Movements: A Network Analysis of Syrian Militant Infighting,” which appeared in a 2019 edition of the Journal of Peace Research. The article was selected as the Nils Petter Gleditsch JPR Article of the Year Award, 2019. The article focuses on the conditions under which infighting occurs between rebel groups and applies several network analytic approaches. The authors conclude that ideologically distant groups have a higher propensity for infighting and that power asymmetry among rebel organizations raises the probability of conflict.

According to the award announcement, “This article is an example of posing an important research question, exploiting novel data sources and applying cutting edge methods.” Anja Shortland (King’s College London), Nils Metternich (University College London) and Charles Butcher (Norwegian University of Science and Technology made up the jury for the award. 

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