Unmanned Systems: A Lab-Based Robotic Arm for Gasping

LT Arturo Jacinto II, USN

Abstract: This thesis implements the development of a Robotic Manipulation Laboratory to explore learning opportunities for various student experiments including the initial selection, startup and development of the Robotic arm and glove controller. The Robotic Manipulation Laboratory consists of a 6 Degree of Freedom robotic arm and a resistive glove controller that allows students to achieve hands-on understanding of the physics required to fabricate and maneuver a robotic arm. The Kinova JACO robotic arm was selected for its smooth operation, the ability to alter operational speed and open source programming examples. We chose a glove controller for ease of training and human-like efficiency. Testing on the JACO arm was completed. The JACO software was installed and verified for standalone operations within its range of motion. Tests on glove/arm interaction in the Robotic Operating System were completed and proved ineffective. Successful experiments with flex sensors on the glove for normal hand movements were completed.

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Jul 07, 2015

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