Nickel-Zinc Semi-Solid Flow Cell Battery

LT Damian J Smith, USN

Abstract: This work investigates the transport phenomena of nickel-zinc battery chemistry as they apply to semi-solid flow cell (SSFC) batteries. Based on the ideal slurry concept, a flowable, electrically conductive nickel slurry was formulated by milling electrically conductive carbon nanotubes with nickel hydroxide powder. Suspension stability test results of the semi-solid nickel slurry compared favorably to the theoretical suspension stability number. The semi-solid nickel slurry was used to create a single slurry nickel-zinc SSFC battery. The feasibility of a single slurry nickel-zinc SSFC battery was demonstrated by maintaining an open circuit voltage and through multiple charge and discharge battery tests at a constant slurry flow rate. The feasibility of a flowable semi-solid zinc slurry flow cell battery was demonstrated by confirming the open circuit voltage of previously published results. Finally, a new design for testing of SSFC batteries was proposed.

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Jul 10, 2014

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