Nonlinear Effects in Transformation Optics-Based Metamaterial Shields for Counter Directed Energy We

LT Jacob Thompson, USN

Abstract: Transformation optics is the current method used to design metamaterial structures that manipulate the path of electromagnetic radiation. This approach, however, relies upon a completely linear response of the polarization and magnetization fields with respect to incident electromagnetic field intensities. As those field intensities rise, such as from a hypothetical directed energy weapon, nonlinear effects, which are unaccounted for in a completely linear theory, are observed. In order to investigate the behavior of a transformation optics derived structure in such a high-field intensity regime, we propose to employ an iterative solution to the Maxwell equations for such a structure, and compare these results to those of the purely linear transformation optics model. Examining the first-order results of this approach, we observe a strong dependence of response field amplitude upon the wavelength of incident radiation.

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Advisor: Prof. James Luscombe


Jul 09, 2016

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