Hastily Formed Networks - IPC3 Big Sur Excercise

The NPS Independently Powered Command/Control Program (IPC3) will conduct field demonstrations and experiments for the Monterey County Consortium in a humanitarian assistance/disaster relief (HA/DR) scenario of a major fire conflagration event in and around Big Sur California. The team will consist of NPS faculty and students.

The IPC3 team will deploy VSAT and BGAN for satellite reach-back to the Internet Protocol (IP) backbone at both pre-designated and “on the fly” locations as directed by the County early responders in as realistic a scenario as possible. The PRIMARY goal of the whole event is to establish voice, video and data communications in an austere environment where the normal ICT infrastructure is degraded and/or denied. Aka there is no cellular service, no surviving copper/fiber data networks, and no push-to-talk radio infrastructure…..or at least not enough to cover all affected areas. An IP backbone and meshed WiFi infrastructure with some links via WiMAX all enabled for Internet access by the VSAT and BGAN terminals is the method we will use to mitigate the unavailability of the normal ICT infrastructure. A secondary goal of the event is to provide TRAINING as appropriate for Monterey County Early Responders who will likely be taking over the equipment we will be providing.

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