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Interactive Digital Environmental Analysis-IDEA Lab

IDEA Lab Manager Point of Contact - Derek Podowitz, e-mail:
* 16 LINUX workstations used for teaching 
* changing to Mac’s to simplify security and support
* moving towards cloud computing opportunities
* 370 Tbytes of data (including real-time feed)

Marine Atmospheric Measurements Laboratory

Point of Contact – Dick Lind, e-mail:

Field observing equipment used for instruction and research
Dispersed over the region

Battlespace Environmental Characterization Laboratory

Collaborative display tools, links to FNMOC, NCEP, etc 
HPC capability


CIRPAS Airborne Research Facility

Point of Contact – Anthony Bucholtz, e-mail:

Aircraft facility that conducts and supports atmospheric and oceanographic research for NPS, ONR, DOD and the broader scientific research community


THEMATIC LAB SPACES for STUDENTS in Thesis Research Groups

Meteorology Image content

NPS team during PECAN field campaign in Greensburg, Kansas.