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Thesis Overview

The thesis is the most important part of your graduate education. While the course work lays the foundation by providing analytical methods and tools, it is the thesis that provides to you the opportunity to use this knowledge in a new, original and creative manner. During your thesis research you will be able to consolidate what you have already learned, and possibly extend this by further self-study, and to use this body of knowledge to attack a new problem. The thesis will hopefully be your crowning achievement of your graduate study, and will be your introduction to the community of scholars.

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"Technical References: How to find them, read them, and use them." This presentation describes the process for finding and using technical references at the Naval Postgraduate School. These skills are vital for the successful completion of a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation at NPS. Reading this material is highly recommended for all students, but particularly for those just starting their graduate research.

Literature Search Skills (PDF).

Thesis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Thesis FAQ page has commonly asked questions and answers which may contain the info you're looking for. Examples include how to select a topic, find thesis advisors, and more tips on getting started.

Click here for Thesis Frequently Asked Questions.


The following matrices are provided as samples. See your Academic Associate and Program Officer for details.

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MAE students in Total Ship Systems Engineering review a rendering of a future ship at the Wayne E. Meyer Institute.


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