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Young Shin

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Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Monterey, CA 93943

Phone: 831-656-2568

Email: yshin (at)


EDUCATION:PhD - Case Western Reserve University, 1971

MS - University of Minnesota, 1966

BS - Seoul Nat'l Univ, 1965


NPS EXPERIENCE: Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering



  • 1979 - 1981 General Electric Company, Nuclear Power Systems Engineering, San Jose, California: Performed research on fluid-structure interaction effect in Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) for loss of coolant accident (LOCA) situation. New transient loading in LOCA was identified and I was in charge of the research project to assess if this additional dynamic loading is within design boundary.

  • 1974 - 1979 Argonne National Laboratories, Components Technology Division, Argonne, Illinois: Performed research on flow-induced vibrations in Fast Breeder Reactor and also steam generator. The design configuration is the bundle of parallel tubes. Both parallel and cross flow-induced vibration problems in tube bundle have to be resolved. The work involved in analysis, design and testing.

  • 1972 - 1974 Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco, California: Involved in nuclear power plant design and analysis. Conducted the finite element modeling of plant and performed dynamic analysis.



  • Naval Ship Shock Analysis

  • Design

  • Testing

  • Random Vibration and Spectral Analysis

  • Mechanical Engineering Design



  • Fundamental and applied research in Shock and Vibration: underwater shock response analysis and testing, shock modeling and simulation, shock and vibration isolation and suppression, shipboard machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics, modal testing and acoustic damping measurement, acoustic-structure interaction, fatigue reliability, joint damping characteristics, and passive vibration control by constrained viscoelastic layers and wave guide absorber



  • Fellow in American Society of Mechanical Engineers since January 1992

  • NPS Outstanding Research Achievement Recognition

  • ASME PVP Service Award for Chairman of Fluid-Structure Interaction Technical Committee

  • Director’s Award on Developing a Special Session on Ship Shock Modeling and Simulation at the 74th Shock & Vibration Symposium (2003)



  • Fellow in ASME, Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio and California

  • Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Shock and Vibration (1993-2005)

  • Member of Professional Engineers' Society in Ohio (since 1970) and California (since 1972)



  • Shin, Y. S., “Ship Shock Modeling and Simulation for Far-Field Underwater Explosion,” Computer & Structure Journal 82(2004) 2211-2219.

  • Scandrett, C. L., Shin, Y. S., et al, “Cancellation techniques in underwater scattering of acoustic signals,” Journal of Sound and Vibration, 272 (2004) 513-537.

  • Shin, Y. S. and Schneider, N., “Ship Shock Trial Simulation of USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG81): Part I: Modeling and Simulation Strategy, Part 2: Surrounding Fluid Volume Effect” Proceedings of the 74th Shock and Vibration Symposium, San Diego CA, 27-31 October, 2003.

  • Shin, Y. S. and Ham, I. B. “Damping Modeling Strategy for Naval Ship System,” Proceedings of the 74th Shock and Vibration Symposium, San Diego CA, 27-31 October, 2003.

  • Lau, S. and Shin, Y.S., “Elasto-plastic Analysis for Severe Underwater Explosions Using Dynamic Finite Element Modeling,” Proceedings of the 75th Shock and Vibration Symposium, Virginia Beach VA, 17-22 October, 2004. (Limited Distribution)