Brian Bingham
Professor & Chairman
Christopher A. Adams
Senior Lecturer and Associate Chair of Facilities
Combat Survivability on platforms (subs, ships, ground vehicles, aircraft, and space assets), infrastructure, and personnel.
Brij N. Agrawal
Distinguished Professor, Director of SRDC, Director Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence for National Security
Acquisition, tracking and pointing of flexible spacecraft with optical payloads; active vibration control, isolation and suppression; satellite servicing; and space system design
Erick Alley
Research Associate Professor
Troy Ansell
Research Assistant Professor
Research interests: Ferroelectric materials, piezoelectric materials and applications, and ultrasonics; High-temperature actuators; Plasma synthesis of materials; Microscopy; X-ray diffraction.
Christopher M. Brophy
Associate Professor
Propulsion and Power Fluid Mechanics Thermodynamics and Combustion Optical Diagnostics.
Jarema (Jake) M. Didoszak
Research Assistant Professor
Shock and Vibrations; Naval Ship Design; Machine Design; Modeling and Simulation; Finite Element Analysis; Fluid Structure Interaction; Ship Survivability
Vladimir N. Dobrokhodov
Vladimir N. Dobrokhodov
Associate Professor
Flight Mechanics; Flight Dynamics and Control; Classical and Modern Control; Modeling and Simulation; Numerical Methods and Digital Computations; Operations Research and Applied Optimization; Flight Mechanics and Trajectory Optimization; Real Time Embedded Flight Control Systems; Guidance, Navigation and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Guided Munitions and Parachutes; Cooperative Control and Combat Maneuvering of Multi-Vehicle Formations, Combat Effectiveness; Integration of Vision into Guidance and Control; Optimal Control; Modeling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems; Multidimensional Vector Optimization and Systems Identification
Anthony J. Gannon
Associate Professor
High speed rotating machinery, test rig design, bearings and lubrication; Renewable energy, solar thermal cycles, thermal storage, wind powered cooling; Turbomachinery, design, testing, transonic compressors, fans, wind-turbines; Professional Engineer (PE)
Joshua H. Gordis
Associate Professor and Academic Associate
Mechanical vibrations; solid mechanics; system dynamics; machine design; finite element methods in structural dynamics; design optimization; numerical analysis; advanced dynamics.
I. Emre Gunduz
Associate Professor
Additive manufacturing; nanostructured materials; energetic materials; high-speed imaging; x-ray diagnostics; propellants; ultrasonics.
Jessica Herman
Professor of Practice

Autonomous systems; artificial intelligence; human-robot interaction; interface design; swarm intelligence; probabilistic methods for robotics; air vehicle test and evaluation.

Garth V. Hobson

Gas dynamics; propulsion; computational methods; computational fluid dynamics; fluid mechanics measurements. Website

Joseph Hooper
Professor (Joint Appointment with Department of Physics)
Chair - Physics
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs (Acting)

Energetic materials, high strain-rate loading of solids, novel nanocomposites, rst principles simulations.

Douglas P. Horner
Research Associate Professor
Chair - Undersea Warfare Academic Group

Obstacle Avoidance; Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM); Autonomy in robotics; Computer vision for unmanned systems; Path planning for unmanned systems; Networking for multi-vehicle coordination; Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs); Feature Based Navigation for AUVs; Collaboration amongst Autonomous Underwater, Aerial and Surface Vehicles; Rendezvous strategies for AUVs docking to submarines; Persistence in AUV operations

Jennifer Hudson
Research Associate Professor

Spacecraft dynamics and control, trajectory optimization, astrodynamics, space mission design, small satellites, orbital robotics, satellite servicing, on-orbit space system diagnostics.

Kevin D. Jones
Research Associate Professor
Unsteady Aerodynamics; Experimental Aerodynamics; Graphical User Interface Development; Waverider Design/Analysis; Inverse Design
Issac I. Kaminer
Unmanned Air Vehicles; Modeling and Simulation; Flight Controls; Conventional Weapons
Mark Karpenko
Research Professor
Jae Jun Kim
Research Associate Professor
Dynamics and Control, Optical Beam Control, Adaptive Optics
Sean Kragelund
Research Assistant Professor
Autonomous Maritime Vehicles; Optimal Motion Planning; Guidance, Navigation, and Control; Multi-Domain Vehicle Teaming; Field Experimentation.
Young W. Kwon
Distinguished Professor
Finite Element Method, Computational Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Composites, Fracture and Failure, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Underwater Explosion, Statics & Dynamics; Computational Modeling and Simulation; Mechanics of Materials (Metals & Composites) and Structures; Nanotechnology; Multiphysics Problems; Biomechanics.
Marcello Romano
Professor and Director
Spacecraft Robotics Laboratory

Space Flight Mechanics, Orbital Robotics, Spacecraft Attitude/Proximity Maneuver Guidance and Control, Optimal Control, Space Debris Remediation, On orbit Assembly, Service and Manufacturing.

Isaac Mike Ross
Distinguished Professor and Academic Associate
Optimal Control; Computational optimal control; Astrodynamics, launch and entry; Nonlinear control theory; Near-Earth-Object interception; Spacecraft attitude dynamics and control; Inertial navigation.
Timothy Sands
Professor of Astronautics Practice

Astronautics; deterministic A.I.; nonlinear dynamics; controls; guidance; optimization; deterrence, assurance & command and control communications.

Walter Smith
Research Associate Professor
Experimental/Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Turbomachinery Design, Centrifugal Pumps, Renewable Energy, Multi-Phase Flow, Instrumentation Development, Particle Image Velocimetry (2D2C, Stereo, Tomo-PIV), Laser Doppler Velocimetry/Anemometry (LDV/A), Optical Diagnostics, Stability, Acoustics, Additive Manufacturing and Design, Image Processing, Signal Processing.
Oleg A. Yakimenko
Distinguished Professor (Joint Appointment with Systems Engineering)
Chair - Systems Engineering

Orbital and Flight Mechanics; Guidance, Navigation and Control of Unmanned Air, Surface and Underwater Vehicles, Satellites, Guided Weapons and Parachutes; Trajectory Optimization; Combat Systems Modeling and Simulation; Numerical Methods and Programming.


Department Staff

Technical Staff

David Dausen, Research Associate

John Gibson, Engineering Technician

Stefan Kohlgrueber, Supervisory Technician

John Mobley, Model Maker

Chanman Park, Materials Engineer

Alexis Thoeny, Faculty Associate Researcher

Carson Vogt, Faculty Associate Researcher

Bobby Wright, Faculty Research Associate

Administrative Staff

Laurie Bliss, Administrative Support Assistant

Carolina (CJ) Martin, Management and Program Analyst

Daisy Rodriguez, Sponsored Program Financial Analyst (SPFA)


Program Personnel

CDR Caleb MacDonald
Program Officer 

Susan Lichtenwalter
Education Technician

Lisa Benson
Education Technician (571/572/608/613)

Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus

Robert E. Ball
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Aircraft Combat Survivability, Structures and Structural Dynamics

Oscar Biblarz
Professor Emeritus
Spacecraft Propulsion; High Speed Aerodynamics; Lasers; Aerospace Propulsion and Power; Fluid Mechanics
Muguru S. Chandrasekhara
Research Professor Emeritus

Unsteady Aerodynamics; Fluid Dynamics; Aerodynamics; Instrumentation; Measurement Techniques; Sensors

Professor Emeritus
Morris R. Driels
Professor Emeritus
Automatic control and systems modeling; weaponeering and targeting.
Anthony J. Healey
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Vehicle Dynamics, Automatic Control, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Automatic Fault Detection, Control Systems Architectures, Embedded Systems and Real Time Computing
Matthew D. Kelleher
Professor Emeritus

AVCO Everett Research Laboratory (Summer 1967) NASA-ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow, NASA Ames RC and Stanford University, Tech Rep for OTEC Power Systems Design (Three Contractors: TRW, Lockheed and Westinghouse), Advisor on Power Systems National Science Foundation Review Panel for the Cooperative USA-USSR Research Program in Heat and Mass Transfer (1980)

Claudia C. Luhrs
Professor Emerita

Interests are concentrated on functional materials, from tailored synthetic pathways for their fabrication and the characterization of their structures-properties to their properties and failure mechanisms. Recent projects include the use of additive manufacturing techniques. Her work aims to understand the correlations between structural features and the materials reactivity, thermal, electrical and mechanical properties. Application projects with naval relevance include the generation of materials for sensors, batteries, supercapacitors and structural components.  Publications

Terry R. McNelley
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Materials science; microstructure – processing – mechanical property relationships in metallic and composite materials; severe plastic deformation (SPD) processing of metals and alloys; friction stir processing and welding (FSP/W); microstructure control for superplasticity; welding and joining; and failure analysis.
Knox T. Milsaps
Professor Emeritus
Power and propulsion; fluid mechanics; thermodynamics; energy conversion; heat transfer; turbomachinery; rotordynamics; fluid structure interaction; condition based maintenance of rotating and reciprocating machinery.
Maximilian F. Platzer
Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Aerodynamics; Aeroelasticity; Flight Mechanics; Fluid Mechanics, Gas Dynamics; Propulsion 
Young S. Shin
Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Fundamental and applied research in Shock and Vibration: underwater shock response analysis and testing, shock modeling and simulation, shock and vibration isolation and suppression, shipboard machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics, modal testing and acoustic damping measurement, acoustic-structure interaction, fatigue reliability, joint damping characteristics, and passive vibration control by constrained viscoelastic layers and wave guide absorber.