International Day
Welcome and About us


Congratulations on your orders to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).  The International Graduate Programs Office (IGPO) is honored to have you onboard and looks forward to supporting you during your time in Monterey. 

The IGPO is responsible for the cultural, social, and academic integration of the international military students and their families into the NPS community.  The office is charged with interacting with the outside agencies, military and civilian, to accomplish the goals of the US Joint Security Cooperation Education and Training Program (JSCETP) and the Field Studies Program (FSP).  Additionally, it is responsible for the International Sponsor Program and acts as the Command Sponsor to the International Executive Committee.

Since 1954, over 6500 International officers from more than 127 countries have graduated from NPS.  Many have gone on to achieve positions of prominence within their military services, governments, and private industry.  The International Program at NPS serves as an integral link in establishing the long-term military-to-military relationships between our U.S. and International officers.

About Us

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), founded in 1909, is a fully accredited university offering over 100 unique academic curricula to military and civilian members of the Department of Defense and our allies around the world.  These graduate level programs are focused on increasing the combat effectiveness of our armed forces and coalition partners, and fully support the unique and emerging requirements of the defense establishment.  All programs contain a military application and are not duplicated at civilian colleges or universities.  

The uniqueness of NPS is further enhanced by an outstanding civilian faculty (98% with PhDs) and a motivated and talented multi-service, interagency and coalition student body.  Each curriculum has a military sponsor (flag or general officer) who reviews the course content with our faculty and program officers every two years, thus enabling us to change and adjust our courses to quickly meet the current needs of the Dept of Defense and other governmental agencies.

International Students account for approximately 10% of the NPS enrollment.  The current enrollment stands at 135 students from 42 countries. Over 40% of current NPS international students are enrolled in curricula designated as Professional Military Education (PME).  In addition, approximately 10% of these students are enrolled in Expanded International Military Education and Training (E-IMET) certified programs.

While all NPS programs focus on defense and security-related issues highly relevant to our international partners, there are several which have experienced the greatest international enrollment in recent years. These programs include the MS in Special Operations/Irregular Warfare, MS in Combating Terrorism Policy and Strategy, and the MS in Operations Analysis.  The NPS National Security Affairs Department continues to offer the popular one quarter resident certificate program in Defense Planning beginning in late December.  Finally, a wide range of technical programs are available including the MS in Computer Science and Electronic Systems Engineering curricula and certificates in Cyber Security. NPS continues to offer Distance Learning curricula and certificate programs to the international community. Normal academic requirements, admissions procedures, and funding requirements apply.  For Information on all of the course selections available to International Students at NPS, including course titles and MASL numbers please visit the Course Offerings page:  Catalog

We look forward to supporting your needs, as our top priorities are for our students to gain the greatest possible benefit from their academic experience and enjoy their tours at NPS to the fullest!