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2016 Life Insurance Open Season: 1 - 30 SEP 2016

1. The Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Open Season will be held from 1 through 30 September 2016. This is the first FEGLI Open Season since 2004. Eligible employees can elect or increase any coverage FEGLI offers, including Option C - Family. No medical exam is required and employees are not required to answer any health questions. Elections made during the open season will be effective 1 October 2017; a year later! Employees who do not make an election will keep their current life insurance coverage.

2. Getting ready for the FEGLI Open Season:

-  Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS). The easiest way to make your life insurance election is to use EBIS, a self-service Web application (CAC required). EBIS allows you to independently make your election without waiting for a Customer Service Representative. Since your EBIS password expires every 60 days, you may need to reset it to make an election.  If this is your first time accessing the Web site, you will be required to complete a simple registration. Information about establishing your EBIS account name/password and accessing EBIS is available at (CAC required - select your e-mail certificate)

-   OCHR Private Portal. Review current information about the FEGLI Open Season at (CAC required - select your e-mail certificate)

-   FEGLI Calculator. The Office of Personnel Management has an online FEGLI Calculator that will assist you in calculating the value and the amount of your premiums for the various combinations of FEGLI coverage. The FEGLI calculator is available at

3. Employees may direct questions about the FEGLI Open Season or accessing EBIS to the Benefits Line at 888-320-2917 from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Eastern Time, Monday - Friday, except on Federal holidays. The TTY number is 866-359-5277. Employees may also email their questions to Employees must include their full name, pay plan, grade, and contact telephone number. Please do not include Privacy Act or other Personally Identifiable Information such as date of birth or Social Security number in your email correspondence.

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