California Wildfire Assistance

California Wildfire Assistance

DON employees can reach out to 1-844-DON-CEAP 24/7/365 for resources and support. Attached are three flyers that focus on taking care of yourself and others following a traumatic event i.e. CA wildfires, hurricanes. Additionally, the following is a free public resource provided by Magellan Health for friends, neighbors, and extended family members of DON employees that don’t have DONCEAP benefits.

Magellan Health has opened a free 24-hour crisis line for consultation and referrals to local community resources

Magellan’s free 24-hour crisis line is available for all individuals impacted by the wildfires in California. The toll-free number to access free, confidential consultation services is


Magellan confidential consultation services are offered free-of-charge to the community to assist individuals as they work to cope with the feelings of fear, sadness, anger, and hopelessness related to these kinds of natural disasters. Crisis line callers may also seek information and guidance to other available resources, such as community-based support.

DONCEAP: 844-DON-CEAP/844-366-2327

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