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Nicholas Dew

Graduate School of Defense Management

Phone: (831) 656-3622
  • PhD - University of Virginia-The Darden Business School 2003
    Major: Management
NPS Experience
  • 2017 - current: Professor
  • 2010 - 2017: Associate Professor
  • 2003 - 2010: Assistant Professor
Other Experience
  • 1989 - 1997 international oil industry
Research Interests
Strategic Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Effectuation
Teaching Interests
Strategic Management, Innovation Adoption


  • 2019 - LCDR David L. Williams Outstanding Professor Award, National Security Affairs
  • 2018 - Louis D. Liskin Award for teaching excellence, GSBPP
  • 2015 - NPS Menneken Award
  • 2015 - GSBBP Academic Research Award, GSBPP
  • 2015 - American Marketing Association Gerald E. Hills Award, American Marketing Association
  • 2009 - Outstanding Paper Award for European Journal of Innovation Management
  • 2007 - Louis D. Liskin Award for teaching excellence, GSBPP

Scholarly Work

  • Book
  • (2020). Shaping Entrepreneurship Research: Made, as Well as Found London UK: Routledge.
  • Book Chapter
  • Dew, N., & Read, S, (2020). Is it worth it? The relevant performance yardstick for the entrepreneur. Advances in Entrepreneurship, Firm Emergence and Growth 2020: Seminal Ideas for the Next Twenty-Five Years of Advances, Volume 21 (pp. p.31-56).
  • Sarasvathy, S. D., & Dew, N, (2019). The Paradox of Control Through Collaboration in Effectual Entrepreneurship. In Jeff Reuer, Sharon Matusik and Jessica Jones (Eds.) Oxford Handbook on Entrepreneurship and Collaboration. Oxford United Kingdom: Oxford U Press.
  • Dew, N., & Augier, M. E, (2018). A Behavioral (Simonian) Perspective on (Behavioral) Strategic Management Research. Behavioral Strategy in Perspective: Advances in Strategic Management
  • Dew, N, (2018). Toward Deliberate Practice in the Development of Entrepreneurial Expertise: The Anatomy of the Effectual Ask. Cambridge University Press.
  • Editorial
  • Read, S., Sarasvathy, S. D., Dew, N., & Wiltbank, R, (2016). Response to Arend, Sarooghi and Burkemper (2015): Cocreating Effectual Entrepreneurship Research.
  • Dew, N, (2013). Of narratives and artifacts.
  • Journal Article
  • Dew, N., Dew, N., Read, S., & Sarasvathy, S. D, (2018). The Choice to Become an Entrepreneur as a Response to Policy Incentives. International Review of Entrepreneurship, 4(16), 489-524..
  • Augier, M. E., & Dew, N, (2018). Understanding some Pitfalls in the Strategic Foresight Processes: The Case of the Hungarian Ministry of Defense. Futures, .
  • Read, S., Dew, N., Sarasvathy, S., & Wiltbank, R, (2018). Microfoundations for New Market Creation: Differences Between Expert Entrepreneurs and Expert Managers. International Review of Entrepreneurship, .
  • Brinckman, J., Dew, N., Dietmar, G., Katrin, M., & Stuart, R, (2018). Of those who plan: A meta-analysis of the relationship between human capital and business planning in SMEs. Long Range Planning, .
  • Augier, M. E., Dew, N., Knudsen, T., & Stiglitz, N, (2018). Organizational persistence in the use of war gaming and scenario planning. Long Range Planning, .
  • Dew, N., Aten, K. J., & Ferrer, G, (2017). How many admirals does it take to change a light bulb? Organizational innovation, energy efficiency, and the battle over LED lights at the U.S. Navy. Energy Research & Social Science, (27), 57-67.
  • Dew, N., & Sarasvathy, S. D, (2016). Exaptation and Niche Construction: Behavioral Insights for an Evolutionary Theory. Industrial & Corporate Change, (25), 167–179.
  • Dew, N, (2015). Entrepreneurial Expertise and the Use of Control. Journal of Business Venturing Insights , 4(1), 30-37.
  • Dew, N, (2015). Investment and Returns in Successful Entrepreneurial Sell-outs. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 3(1), 16-23.
  • Dew, N., Grichnik, D., Haug, K., Read, S., & Brinckmann, J, (2015). Situated entrepreneurial cognition. International Journal of Management Reviews, .
  • Dew, N., Haug, K., Read, S., Grichnik, D., & Brinckman, J, (2013). Entrepreneurial talent and venture performance: A meta-analytic investigation.”. Research Policy, , 1251– 1273.
  • Dew, N., & Sarasvathy, S, (2013). Without Judgment: An empirically-based entrepreneurial theory of the firm. Review of Austrian Economics, 3(26), 277-296.
  • Dew, N., Read, S., & Margery, P, (2013). Innovation by Design: The Hybrid Organization. Kindai Management Review, (1), 67-79.
  • Dew, N, (2012). “Reflections on the 2010 AMR decade award: Whither the promise? Moving forward with entrepreneurship as a science of the artificial. Academy of Management Review, .
  • Ferrer, G., Aros, S. K., & Dew, N, (2011). An RFID application in large job shop remanufacturing operations. International Journal of Production Economics, 2(133), 612–621.
  • Dew, N, (2011). On the Entrepreneurial Genesis of New Markets: Effectual Transformations versus Causal Search and Selection. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, .
  • Apte, U. M., Ferrer, G., & Dew, N, (2010). When is RFID Right for your Service? International Journal of Production Economics, 2(124), 414-425.
  • Ferrer, G., Dew, N., & Apte, U. M, (2010). When is RFID right for your service? International Journal of Production Economics, 2(124), 414–425.
  • Technical Report
  • Apte, U. M., Dew, N., & Ferrer, G, (2006). What is the Right RFID for your Process?
  • Written Case with Instructional Material
  • Dew, N, (2017). USPS in 2017.
  • Dew, N, (2017). The “As” in DARPA: Advanced or Applied?.
  • Dew, N, (2014). Shipboard LEDs for the US Navy.