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Joseph P Hooper

Phone: (831) 656-2601
Research Interests
explosives, materials, weapons, condensed matter physics
Teaching Interests
physics, weapons


  • 2013 - Menneken Faculty Award for Excellence in Scientific Research

Scholarly Work

  • Journal Article
  • Vaddypally, S., Tomlinson, W. W., O'Sullivan, O. T., Ding, R., Van Vliet, Megan M., Wayland, B. B., Hooper, J. P., & Zdilla, M. J, (2019). Activation of C-H, N-H, and O-H Bonds via Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer to a Mn(III) Complex of Redox-Noninnocent Octaazacyclotetradecadiene, a Catenated-Nitrogen Macrocyclic Ligand. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 14(141), 5699-5709.
  • Tomlinson, W. W., Morris, D., Johnson, C., & Hooper, J. P, (2018). Topology and Equilibrium Analysis of the Monovalent Aluminum Compound Al4Cp4*(Ph) ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ANORGANISCHE UND ALLGEMEINE CHEMIE, 8-9(644), 454-464.
  • Tomlinson, W. W., Mayo, D. H., Wilson, R. M., & Hooper, J. P, (2017). The Role of Ligand Steric Bulk in New Monovalent Aluminum Compounds. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, .
  • Vaddypally, S., McKendry, I. G., Tomlinson, W. W., Hooper, J. P., & Zdilla, M. J, (2016). Electronic Structure of Manganese Complexes of the Redox-Non-innocent Tetrazene Ligand and Evidence for the Metal-Azide/Imido Cycloaddition Intermediate. Chemistry-A European Journal, 30(22), 10548–10557.
  • DeCarlo, S., Mayo, D. H., Tomlinson, W. W., Hu, J., Hooper, J. P., Zavalij, P., Bowen, K., Schnöckel, H., & Eichhorn, B, (2016). Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Al (Rbpy) 3 Complexes (R= t-Bu, Me): Homoleptic Main-Group Tris-bipyridyl Compounds. Inorganic chemistry, 9(55), 4344–4353.
  • Hemmer, J. R., Poelma, S. O., Treat, N., Page, Z. A., Dolinski, N. D., Diaz, Y. J., Tomlinson, W. W., Clark, K. D., Hooper, J. P., Hawker, C., & other, (2016). Tunable Visible and Near Infrared Photoswitches. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 42(138), 13960–13966.