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University Provost Welcomes the Campus With an Open Door
U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya

University Provost Welcomes the Campus With an Open Door

By NPS Public Affairs

NPS Provost and Academic Dean Dr. Steven R. Lerman opens his door to the entire campus community during Open Office Hours, typically held on the final Thursday of each month. With his next session this Thursday, July 27 at 3:30 p.m., Lerman encourages anyone on campus with something to share with NPS’ senior academic leader to stop by.

“I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to informally come and talk to me,” Lerman says. “By having an open door and office hours, it makes it clear that everybody – students, staff and faculty – are welcome to come talk to me about anything they feel is important.”

Lerman says he recognizes how barriers between members of the campus community and senior leadership can be harmful. Holding a dedicated time where anyone on campus can connect with him, in a setting that is both informal and confidential, is a great step forward in removing those barriers.

“I think it signals that this office is open to everybody, and that reduces the barriers between the academic leadership and the campus,” he says.

Lerman established the Open Office Hours in March of this year, and says the sessions have been successful thus far. With the next one just around the corner, he encourages anyone with something important to say to stop by. In order to accommodate enough people, the conversations during the office hours are kept short. If more time is needed, a follow-up meeting gets scheduled.

“Please come,” he said. “I think everyone who has stepped through my door with something to discuss has done so with the goal of making NPS better. Ultimately, that is what this is all about.” 

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