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Employee Development Council Seeks Input for FY18/19 Training Program
U.S. Navy photo by Javier Chagoya

Employee Development Council Seeks Input for FY18/19 Training Program

By Javier Chagoya

NPS’ Human Resources Office (HRO) and the new Employee Development Council (EDC) are seeking input from the university’s workforce to guide its upcoming education and professional development program. Formerly known as the Staff Development Council, the group’s name change from staff to employee represents a significant change, as the EDC seeks to serve both staff and faculty training needs.

In order to make the most effective use of NPS resources, EDC leadership says their course offerings must provide the biggest return on investment. The EDC survey and its results, says chair Cheryl Southern, an Education Technician in the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (GSEAS), will be a great tool in doing just that.

The council also encourages staff to think outside the box with regard to what the program can provide. Training isn’t just about learning software, they say, it can also encompass hands-on courses on things like team-building, understanding workplace behaviors, or best practices in communication.

The EDC survey is open to all NPS personnel, it can be accessed at https://survey.nps.edu/412535/lang-en.

Current EDC members are Chair Cheryl Southern, Secretary Sheridan Stephens, Treasurer George Martinez, Survey Creator Sue Dooley, Technical Advisor Andrew Ware, and active members Dee Martinsen, Bardomina Lopez and Anne Pickens. For more information about the EDC, check out https://my.nps.edu/group/staff-development.

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