Graduate School of Operations and Information Science (GSOIS)

We prepare future senior military leaders to succeed in an uncertain, rapidly changing, and information intensive environment through research and educational programs.

  • Operationally-focused, demand-driven programs highly responsive to Navy education requirements
  • Integrating operational and tactical combat experience into graduate-level research and academic rigor with diverse, multi-discipline applications
  • Unique and diverse cross-disciplinary faculty focused on joint military applications and innovative solutions
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing DoD requirements, providing flexible delivery methods and innovative curricular options in emerging disciplines
  • Instruct and conduct research at all levels of classification including Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) and Special Access Programs (SAP)
  • Strong, vital partnerships with DoD, Navy, and interagency sponsors using leading-edge classroom instruction with field-tested experiments

Computer Sciences Department

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  • Computer Science (MS, PhD)
  • Software Engineering (MS, PhD)
  • Modeling Virtual Environments and Simulations (MOVES) (MS, PhD)
  • Computing Technology
  • Identity Management and Cyber Security

Defense Analysis Department

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  • Special Operations and Irregular Warfare
  • Information Strategy & Political Warfare

Information Sciences Department

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  • MS, Information Warfare Systems Engineering
  • MS, Systems Technology, Joint C4I
  • MS, Network Operations and Technology
  • MS, Information Technology Management
  • MS, Remote Sensing Intelligence (not currently offered)
  • PhD, Information Sciences
  • MS, Cyber Systems and Operations
  • MS, Applied Cyber Operations

Operations Research Department

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  • Operations Analysis (MS, PhD)
  • Operational Logistics
  • Human Systems Integration (MS, DL)
  • Systems Engineering Analysis
  • Systems Analysis (DL)
  • Cost Estimating and Analysis (DL)

Cyber Academic Group

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  • Cyber Systems and Operations
  • Applied Cyber Operations

Data Science and Analytics Group

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  • Certificate in Data Science
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