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Human Resources Intermediate Course (HRNC)

Building Breadth and Depth for the HR Professional

This course is designed for Navy HR senior Lieutenants and Lieutenant Commanders with more than three years of HR experience (1200, 1207, 1205). It increases students’ awareness of how HR jobs align within and across organizations, and how HR work can influence the operational and strategic levels. This course serves as a refresher option between completion of the HRIC and HRAC courses.  

HRNC may be completed as an alternative to HRIC to meet Command Qualification requirement for LCDR or CDR Command Qualification with a waiver, and only in the event of extreme circumstances. Expectation is that officer would still attend HRIC when possible.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

  1. Develop working-level knowledge of HR core competencies and how to utilize available resources.
  2. Understand how HR core competencies align to support accomplishment of Navy’s mission.

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  • Delivery: Strictly a distance learning (online) course, available for self-paced enrollment only.
  • Course Length: 10 x 1.5 hour sessions
  • Service School Code: 881
  • CIN: S-7C-0613
  • CDP: 10N7

No cost.

To request course applications, email hrcoe@nps.edu.

CAPT Theresa Lewis, (831) 656-3174
LCDR Doug Jones, (831) 656-2554

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