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Human Resources Introductory Course (HRIC)

Human Resources (HR) Training for Our Newest HR Practitioners

This five-day short course provides an overview of the Navy’s Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education (MPT&E) domain and the HR core competencies of development, management, recruiting and requirements.

This course is a prerequisite for LCDR and/or CDR Command Qualification. Officers are expected to attend this course within three years of their approval for lateral transfer to/designation as an HR Officer (1200, 1207 and 1205 designators)—the sooner the better!  

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

  1. Develop an understanding of the Navy’s Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education (MPTE) domain.
  2. Develop a basic knowledge of the HR core competencies: development, management, recruiting, and requirements.
  3. Gain an understanding of HR community career management and professional development opportunities.

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  • Location: Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA
  • Course Length: 5 days
  • Offerings: 2 times/year (typically March and September)
  • Service School Code: 882
  • CIN: S-7C-1000
  • CDP: 06K3

To request course applications, email hrcoe@nps.edu.

HRCOE funds the TAD costs for 1200 and 1207 officers and for 1205 officers who are on active duty through a fund cite process. SELRES not on active duty will need to request funding through their Chain of Command.

CAPT G. Karl Werenskjold, (831) 656-3174
LCDR Ally Grayson, (831) 656-2554

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