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JIFX 21-3

24–28 May


JIFX 21-3 Approved Experiments List
Experiment NumberExperiment TitleOrganizationExperiment Location
A-01Skydio X2D SRR & AISUM Mission TestingSkydio, Inc.Camp Roberts
A-02Lightweight-Low Cost Hyperspectral Sensor Integration to Support Urban Air Mobility OperationsSpectrabotics, LLCCamp Roberts
A-03Quantum Systems' Trinity F90+ BVLOS MissionInsight Up SolutionsCamp Roberts
A-04CATNIPUniversity of Nebraska - LincolnCamp Roberts
A-06VTOL Landing Site SelectionDropDroneCamp Roberts
A-07PAPA (Gesture controlled drone operation for dismounted operators)PisonCamp Roberts
A-08Aerial Automated Runway Inspection and Safety Scan (AARISS)GreenSightCamp Roberts
A-09OWL - One Way LifterGreenSightCamp Roberts
A-12Energetic sUAS Dynamic FiringTETAC IncorporatedCamp Roberts
A-13ASCALON – Video Identification and Tracking through FMVAFSOC A5RSCamp Roberts
B-01Multi-Institutional All Domain C2 for UXSNaval Postgraduate School / COPERSCamp Roberts &
NPS SLAMR Facility
(and other locations across the country)
B-02AI for Small Unit ManeuverAutonodyne, LLC24–26 May @ Camp Roberts,
27–28 May @ NPS SLAMR Facility
B-03Common Control for Unmanned SystemsTomahawk RoboticsRemote
B-04Vermeer: Augmented Reality UAS Mission planningAerocine Ventures, Inc.Camp Roberts
B-05Baton - A Precision Delivery DeviceApplewhite Aero, LLCCamp Roberts
B-06Persistent Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Communications Relay, Stand-Off Sensitive Site Exploitation in support of Electronic Warfare (EW) Operations and Targeting from tethered platform CapabilityHoverFly TechnologyCamp Roberts
B-08Control of small UASs with Integration of Fused Augmented Realities (FAR), Intel/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) & Call For Fire (CFF)VRR (dba VR Robotics & VR Rehab)Camp Roberts
B-09HellHive™ UAS Swarm DeploymentVRR (dba VR Robotics & VR Rehab)Camp Roberts
D-01Seamless Integration of HF/VHF/LTE/Satcom for Failover/Fallback CommunicationsNVIS Communications, LLCTentatively:
24–26 May @ Camp Roberts,
27–28 May @ NPS SLAMR Facility
D-02Terrestrial Point-to-Point 100 Gbps Optical CommunicationBridgeComm, Inc.Camp Roberts
D-03Tactical Surveillance and Intelligence Automation at the edgeGantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems Inc.Camp Roberts
D-04Integration of Fused Augmented Realities (FAR), Intel/Surveillance/Reconnaissance (ISR) & Call For Fire (CFF) into a Mixed-Reality (MR) Visual Augmentation SystemVRR (dba VR Robotics & VR Rehab)Camp Roberts
E-01Behavioral Observations Logging Toolkit (BOLT)U.S. Army CCDC Data & Analysis Center Aberdeen Proving Ground, MDCamp Roberts &
NPS SLAMR Facility
F-02Cyber Unattended Ground SensorsInnovative AlgorithmsCamp Roberts
F-04ISR and Target Vehicle Inspection Utilizing Autonomous Surface VehicleSeasatsNPS SLAMR Facility
G-01Intelligent Human Motion (IHM) TrialsYotta Navigation CorporationCamp Roberts
J-01AI/ML enabled High Performance Compute data center at the Tactical EdgeTMGcore LLC24–26 May @ Camp Roberts,
27–28 May @ NPS SLAMR Facility
L-01UAV-UGV Cargo DropDropDroneCamp Roberts


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