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Field Experimentation 18-3


On the right you will find links to event documents and resources for FX 18-3, to be held at Camp Roberts, California from 4-8 June, 2018

Below you will find updates both prior to and during the event.

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JIFX 18-3 Special Interest Area - Group 2/3 UAS

While experiments proposals adressing any aspect of the RFI are welcome, at JIFX 18-3 we are particularly interested in developing a better understanding of the state of technology in larger (Group 2/3) unmanned air systems, Including:

  • Payload/Sensor Capabilities (e.g. modularity, power)
  • Flight Characteristics (e.g. speed, maneuverability, endurance, altitude)
  • Launch and Recovery (e.g. runway, unimproved, ship)  
  • Modular / Interchangeable Payloads
  • Operating Conditions (e.g. environmental limits, fuel types)
  • Navigation (e.g. precision GPS, GPS-denied navigation, autonomous takeoff and landing)    
  • Compatibility & Compliance (e.g. open architecture, STANAG 4596)    
  • C2 / Data Communications (e.g. protocols, encryption)  
  • Ground Control Station (e.g. portability, compatibility, multi-system control)

List of Experiments

Certain experiments have allowed us to publically share their experiment information. Those experiments are listed below in blue with a link to a PDF file. 


A. Unmanned, Semi-Autonomous, and Autonomous Systems Design, Deployment and Operations

A-01: VTOL, Fixed-Wing UAS, Swift Engineering

A-02: Long Endurance, Fixed Wing, VTOL UAS for HA/Dr, Swift Engineering

A-03: Wearable Augmented Reality Controls for Robotic Control, VR Robotics

A-04: V-BAT Group 2/3 VTOL Range and Ceiling Experiment, Martin UAV

A-05: Beyond Ender's Game - Fusions of Simulations into Operational Interfaces, VR Robotics

A-06: Hell-Hives for Robots & Robots for Ammo, VR Robotics

A-07: Multi-Function UAV Swarm, NPS

A-08: Group 2/3 UAS, Arcturus UAV

A-09: Flexrotor, Precision

A-10: VTOL Air Cargo Logistics System - Sub-Scale Mission, Elroy Air

A-11: Swift020 HA/DR Mapping & Inspection Mission, Swift Engineering

A-12: Highly-Maneuverable and Runway Agnostic Group 2 UAV, Heurobotics Corporation

A-13: VTOL Air Cargo Logistics System - Autonomous Ground Control, Elroy Air

A-14: "Vanguard" VTOL - Transition Tactical UAS, The Sky Guys

A-15: Automatic Mission Planning Control Station, Akrobotix

A-16: Fixed Wing VTOL Rotator, L3 Advanced Systems & Technology and Latitude Engineering

A-17: UAS Learning through Autonomous Curiosity, Carnegie Mellon University

A-18: Hummingbird Hexacopter VTOL UAV, Reference Technologies, Inc Cancelled

A-19: K-1000 Group-1 with Thermal Soaring and Cooperative Swarming Capabilities, Krause Aerospace

A-20: K-1000 High Altitude Non-Stop Airborne Capabilities, Krause Aerospace

A-21: AR-33 Runway Independent and VTOL UAV Platform, Kraus Aerospace

A-22: Open System Architecture for Group 1 UAS, Altavian Inc Cancelled

A-23: Ultra-Long Endurance, Platform Aerospace


B. Countering Unmanned Systems

B-01: RF Unmanned/Autonomous Systems Detection, Spectranetix

B-02: DroneHunter Counter-UAS Kinetic, Fortem Technologies Inc. 


F. Precision Navigation and Timing (PNT) in GPS Denied Environments

F-01: LongShoT: Long Range Synchronization of Time, Carnegie Mellon University


H. Digital Analytics

H-02: Predictive Autonomous Intelligence, Krause Aerospace


I. Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

I-01: LOCUST, Naval Research Laboratory

I-02: Video Hyper Optimizing Processes for UAS Imagery, VR Robotics


J. Communication and Networking

J-01: Skylo Satellite IoT Hub, Skylo Technologies

J-02: Orion Advanced Voice Platform, Orion Labs

J-03: Manned-Unmanned Self-Organizing Bursty Networks with Aerial Biological Nodes, NPS


K. Decision Support (DS), Situation Awareness (SA), and visualization

K-01: Simtable Visualization, Simtable Cancelled

K-02: Leveraging Enterprise Communications Data for Situational Awareness, Zuess Inc. Cancelled


L. Humanitarian Assistance (HA), Disaster Response (DR), Defense Support to Civil Authority (DSCA), and Pandemic Response

L-01: Portable Solar Power PlantSolar Electric Technology


M. Medical

M-01: Fast-Setting Medical Splint, Wichita State University Cancelled


Event Schedule


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