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Department of the Navy Energy Goals

The United States Navy and Marine Corps rely far too much on petroleum, a dependency that degrades the strategic position of our country and the tactical performance of our forces. The global supply of oil is finite, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and exploit, and over time cost continues to rise.

So in order to improve our energy security, increase our energy independence, and help lead the nation towards a clean energy economy, the Department of the Navy established the following five ambitious energy goals that will move the Navy and Marine Corps away from a reliance on petroleum and will dramatically increase our use of alternative energy.

  • Increase alternative energy department-wide
    By 2020, 50% of total Department energy consumption will come from alternative sources
  • Increase alternative energy sources ashore
    By 2020, at least 50% of shore-based energy requirements will be met by alternative sources; 50% of Department installations will be net-zero
  • Sail the "Great Green Fleet"
    Department will demonstrate a Green Strike Group and sail it by 2016
  • Energy efficient acquisition
    Evaluation of energy factors will be mandatory when awarding contracts for systems and buildings

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Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Strategy

CNO Guidance: Provide a Navy Energy Strategy that treats energy as a strategic resource.

Ends Ways Means
Vision Strategic Imperatives Targets Enablers
  • A Navy that values energy as a strategic resource
  • A Navy that understands energy security as fundamental to executing the Navy mission afloat and ashore
  • A Navy resilient to any potential energy future
  • Assure mobility
  • Protect critical infrastructure
  • Lighten the load
  • Expand tactical reach
  • Green our footprint
  • Increase efficiency afloat
  • Increase efficiency ashore
  • Increase alternatives afloat
  • Sail the "Great Green Fleet"
  • Increase alternative energy ashore
  • Reliable power for critical infrastructure
  • Reduce non-tactical petroleum use
  • Energy efficient acquisition
  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Policy
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Culture change

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The Department of the Navy has established five ambitious energy goals to move the Navy and Marine Corps away from a reliance on petroleum and dramatically increase use of alternative energy.

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