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EAG Faculty and Staff

NPS Defense Energy programs are interdisciplinary, shared by organizational units throughout the campus. A wide range of NPS faculty are affiliated with the energy program, actively participating in energy graduate education, energy executive education and energy research.


EAG Staff

Daniel Nussbaum, Principal, Energy Academic Group
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Alan Howard, Deputy Chair
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Kevin Maher, Program Officer
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Brandon Naylor, Faculty Associate

Lawrence Walzer, Program Manager


NPS Energy Program Faculty

David L. Alderson | View Faculty Page

Anand Toprani

Oscar Antillon

Naazneen Barma

Joseph BryanPhilip Candreva | View Faculty Page

Emily Craparo | View Faculty Page

Peter Chu | View Faculty Page

Nicholas Dew | View Faculty Page

Philip Durkee | View Faculty Page

James Eagle | View Faculty Page

Gregory Flaherty

Douglas Fouts | View Faculty Page

Ann Gallenson

Anthony Gannon | View Faculty Page

William Gates | View Faculty Page

Nancy Haegel | View Faculty Page

Alejandro Hernandez | View Faculty Page

Sue Higgins

Garth Hobson

Anibal Intini

Paula Jordanek

Andres Larraza | View Faculty Page

John Lloyd | View Faculty Page

Robert Looney | View Faculty Page

Claudia Luhrs | View Faculty Page

Sherif Michael | View Faculty Page

Knox Millsaps | View Faculty Page

Daniel Moran | View Faculty Page

Orrin Moses

Julia Nesheiwat

Giovanna Oriti | View Faculty Page

Sebastian Osswald | View Faculty Page

Jeffrey Paduan | View Faculty Page

Josephine Pasadilla

Jonathan Phillips | View Faculty Page

Steven Pilnick | View Faculty Page

Maria Pineda | View Faculty Page

Anthony Pollman | View Faculty Page

Eva Regnier | View Faculty Page

Ralph Robertson | View Faculty Page

Jeffrey Rothal


Anita Salem | View Faculty Page

Craig Smith | View Faculty Page

Brian Steckler | View Faculty Page

Mary Lou Vossen

Peter Ward | View Faculty Page

Clifford Whitcomb | View Faculty Page

Kevin Wood | View Faculty Page

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NPS Campus

EAG brings together an interdisciplinary group of NPS faculty along with subject matter experts from industry, academia, military, and government to create energy education courses tailormade for US and international military audiences. These courses can be offered in residence at the NPS campus in Monterey, California or at locations worldwide by Mobile Training Teams.

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Contact EAG

Energy Academic Group
Quarters D Bldg 281
Monterey, CA 93943
(831) 656-1879
Email EAG
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