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NPS EAG Supports Exercise Coherent Resilience 2017, Kyiv Ukraine

Energy Academic Group (EAG) supported Exercise Coherent Resolve (CORE17), a NATO sponsored exercise in Kyiv, Ukraine, as the Evaluation Group for the exercise that aimed to further the resiliency of Ukraine’s energy systems against Russian attacks. The EAG partnered with the NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence (Vilnius, Lithuania) and Ukraine’s National Institute for Strategic Studies to develop and execute Ukraine’s first national-level exercise specifically related to critical energy infrastructure protection.

CORE17 was designed to further the resilience of Ukraine energy systems against Russian hybrid warfare threats including cyber, information, physical sabotage, and invasion. The Government of Ukraine had twenty organizations participate in the tabletop exercise’s four syndicates: cyber/terrorism, crisis management, strategic communications, and international organization response. Beyond being an extensive interagency exercise, several private energy companies—that own and operate critical energy facilities—also participated in order to identify the challenges regarding public-private cooperation during national security crises related to attacks against Ukraine’s energy systems.