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Dental Treatment Services


Dental Treatment Information

Sick Call:

Sick call hours are from 0730-1600 Monday through Friday with the exception of our lunch hour from 1200-1300. It is recommended that you call early in the morning to guarantee an appointment on the same day. 


Annual exams are routinely scheduled every 20 minutes. We ask that you allow yourself a full hour as unexpected delays and sick call patients occasionally interrupt the exam schedule. Every attempt will be made to get you in and out in a timely manner. Please understand that we are required by NAVY directives to maintain a DENTAL READINESS LEVEL to ensure MISSION READINESS. Therefore, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible for scheduling.

Overseas Screening:

We ask that you call us to schedule an appointment. Please attempt to have all family members present at one time. You should have all necessary forms (e.g.... NAVPERS 1300/1 or equivalent) and bring photocopies of ALL treatment provided by current local civilian dentists. You may ask your family member's dentist to provide duplicate or original x-rays for the screening. Otherwise, new x-rays will be taken.


Routine cleanings are provided as needed depending on the recommendation of the Dental Officer. You must FIRST schedule an exam before your cleaning appointment or a cleaning must be indicated in your current treatment plan, if recently seen at a previous command.

Restorative Dentistry:

We provide a wide variety of routine filling procedures and use both white fillings and silver fillings as indicated but we will take your personal preference of material choice into consideration.  

Specialty Care:

Currently all specialty care is referred out to local civilian facilities. We will refer out for root canals, oral surgery procedures, crown and bridge and implants. For implant treatment to be approved you must have a minimum of two year orders. Orthodontic treatment is currently not authorized at this command. 

Night Guards/Sports Guards:

Night guards and mouth guards require an evaluation from NPS dental officer. Referrals are made based on need and or symptoms.