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- For several types of data science projects, including data visualization projects, data cleaning projects, and machine learning projects, here are good places to find data sets for each.

- a collection of Data Science short articles and how-to tutorials

- This tutorial shows how to make an application in R without Shiny using a new framework called maRio. Not intended to replace Shiny - instead it is an alternative for intermediate/advanced developers who can benefit from flexibility.

- The Economist shares the emerging economy surrounding the value of data, and the need for both recognition and compensation.

- Andreas Weigend challenges the attitudes about the data, with a view towards transparency and a need for the stakeholders to become data literate.

- On 09 May 2017, the Marine Corps Professional Analyst Community of Interest hosted an overview of data science for leaders, analysts, managers, and marine and civilians with an interest in this emerging field at the Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA.  Dr. Marcus Stefanou, Naval Postgraduate School Computer Science Department, addresses in a half-day overview what data science is, what we mean by "big data" and cloud computing, and what the essential ingredients to enable data science within an organization are.

 - In 2012 the data centers alone were estimated to consume 3 percent of the world's electricity.  When all the digital devices connected ot the Internet are added, the figure jumps to 6 percent. 

- John Horgan, author of The End of Science, warns people about the hype among scientists regarding Big Data, in his blog " So Far, Big Data is Small Potatoes". 

- The authors, LCDR Steve Debich, LT Bruce Hill, Scot Miller, and Dr. Don Brutzman, describe the potential role of compressed XML and the efficient use of bandwidth for afloat units.

- "Future Force" is a professional magazine derived from the naval science and technology community to inform readers about the basic and applied research funded by the Navy.  

- "Data Flood: Helping the Navy Address the Rising Tide of Sensor Information" discusses options that could help solve the Navy's "big data" challenge.

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