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From Technical to Ethical...

From Concept Generation to Experimentation...

The Naval Postgraduate School's Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER):

  • Reaches across the Navy, Marine Corps, Department of Defense, academia, and industry

  • Collaborative environment for the advancement of unmanned systems education and research endeavors

  • Community of interest for unmanned systems in military and naval operations

  • Encompasses the successful research, education, and experimentation efforts in unmanned systems

  • An inclusive community for all disciplines

  • Conducts concept generation workshops for naval missions

  • Hosts technical symposia to address naval missions, and field experimentation to test selected technologies

At the direction of the Secretary of the Navy, the Naval Postgraduate School leverages its long-standing experience and expertise in the research and education of robotics and unmanned systems to support the Navy's mission. The Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research (CRUSER) serves as a vehicle to align currently disparate research efforts and integrate academic courses across discipline boundaries.  Established in 2011 in conjunction with the SECNAV's Unmanned System Goals, CRUSER continues today under the secretariat lead for unmanned systems, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Unmanned Systems (DASN(UXS)). 

CRUSER Charter Document (2017)

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Upcoming Events

NPS-FX 18-3, Camp Roberts, CA  

(4 June - 8 June 2018)

Focus Area: 

Persistent, multi-purpose support with large (Group 2/3)

Unmanned/Autonomous Systems


NPS RoboDojo Website


Apr 12

Arduinos in Action: Arduino Uno Drivers Ed, Part 2/3

Apr 13

Introduction to 3D Printing

Apr 17

Reusable Mold Making

Apr 18

Introduction to Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Apr 19

Introduction to Laser Cutting and Engraving

Apr 19

Arduinos in Action: Arduino UNO RC Control, Part 3/3

Apr 20

ROS User Group

Apr 20

Drones on the Softball Field

Apr 27

Inductrix Micro FPV Drones: A tiny, gentle intro to First Person View Flying

May 02

Rapid Prototyping of Manned and Unmanned Drones

May 03

Surface Mount Soldering

May 08

Vinyl Cutter Basics

May 10

Designing a Custom Circuit Card with KiCAD and the Voltera Circuit Printer

May 11

Linux Firewall/Router Setup

May 17

Learn to Solder

Jun 01

Build a Versa Wing Drone

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