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Michelle L Hancock

Communications & Outreach Director
Operations Research
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences
Phone: (831) 656-6974

Michelle completed a BA(Hons) in Development Studies & International Relations (University of Westminster, London; UK) where she completed a final year dissertation looking at the embodied politics of public health and received the award for highest academic performance of her cohort. Following her undergrad, Michelle completed an MSc in International Health & Tropical Medicine (University of Oxford, UK), where she specialized in development, environment, and health; reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health; as well as spending time in Malaysia looking at International Medical Travel for cancer care in Southeast Asia.

Michelle’s interest in the social determinants of health, and the sociopolitical structures that prevent people from meeting their basic needs, stemmed from almost a decade of work in East Africa. Michelle’s time in Tanzania, as well as stints in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda, was mostly spent creating, developing, and advising public health curriculum and campaigns, focused predominantly on infectious disease, sanitation, and sexual health.

Michelle's studies and work experience have been instrumental in her pursuit of a career researching and influencing the social, cultural, and policy factors that enable a healthy life, as well as access to fair and robust healthcare systems, particularly in vulnerable populations. She brings experience of communicating important messages in complex environments, with an understanding that the best outreach programs are ones that listen to understand, as well as speak to inform.