Catholic Worship



Parents wishing to have their baby baptized must attend a baptismal class. Classes are held monthly. Contact Catholic Priest to register.

First Holy Communion

Children in 2nd grade will prepare to receive First Holy Communion using both the regular class text and special materials for First Communion. Parents are encouraged to participate in the preparation process. Since this sacrament is intended to become a life-long practice in the lives of Catholic Christians, we hope that families will attend Sunday Mass regularly. Students must also attend Religious Education Class regularly.

First Reconciliation

2nd grade students will prepare for their first reconciliation. 


Please contact Catholic Priest or Coordinator of Religious Education.


Application for use of either Chapel must be made through the Chaplain's Office.

Catholics are required to make contact with the Catholic Priest at least three months prior to wedding. Catholics are also required to go through a marriage preparation program approved by the Military Archdiocese. Information is available at Catholic Marriage Prep Online and at Engaged Encounter .