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The U.S. Navy Information Warfare Community (IWC) consists of four specialty designators:

  • Meteorology and Oceanography    
    • Navy Officer designator 180x, 646X
    • Enlisted Aerographer's Mate (AG) rating
  • Cryptologic Warfare (CW) and Cyber Warfare Engineer
    • Navy Officer designator 181X, 644X, 744X   (IW) and 184X, 743X (Cyber Warfare Engineer)
    • Enlisted Cryptologic Technician (CTN, CTM, CTT, CTI, CTR) ratings
  • Information Professional
    • Navy Officer designator 182X, 642X, 742X
    • Enlisted Information Technician (IT) rating
  • Naval Intelligence 
    • Navy Officer designator 183X, 645X, 745X
    • Intelligence Specialist (IS) rating

The IWC also includes the Space Cadre, which may have officers from the IWC communities above or other communities, such as Surface Warfare and Naval Aviation.  The Space Cadre is identified by the 5500x or 6206x Subspecialty code or VSx Additional Qualification Designator (AQD).  

Each quarter, there are approximately 130-170 IWC officers enrolled at the Naval Postgraduate School, across a variety of curricula.