Center for Regional Maritime Strategy (CRMS)

The Department of National Security Affairs (NSA) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Center for Regional Maritime Strategy (CRMS). The center will serve as the focal point for research and education in the NSA Department. Its purpose is to strengthen the U.S. Navy’s awareness and understanding of political, economic, cultural, and strategic issues that affect naval operations, strategy, and policy in critical maritime regions around the world.


The center will draw on the extensive regional studies expertise of the NSA Department’s faculty to produce studies, analyses, and course material that inform senior Navy leaders and educate the Navy’s next generation. NSA faculty have deep knowledge of regions ranging from the South China Sea to the South Atlantic and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean. The center will facilitate collaboration between NSA faculty and partners at other academic institutions, as well as foster closer relationships with sponsors in the Navy and throughout the U.S. government.


Dr. Michael Malley will serve as the first director of the new center.


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