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Tailored Support

The Course

The Tailored Support (TS) Course is designed to help Navy flag officers ensure a seamless transition to a new command or senior staff positions resulting in improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Participants learn strategies and techniques that can help ensure success with the "on boarding" (first 90 days) process and avoid common "derailers." The components of a comprehensive transition plan are provided as a framework for use by participants as they develop their own plans. The customized, one-on-one course comprises coursework specifically tailored for the individual flag officer's upcoming assignment.

Objective/Desired End State

A cadre of Navy flag officers armed with the strategic knowledge, skills and ability to effectively and efficiently assume leadership of a new command.

Program Manager

Winli McAnally

Winli McAnally, Director, CEE. Winli McAnally has been working for the US Navy since 2001, specializing in executive education, planning, and program management. She became the Director of the Center for Executive Education at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) March 2015. In this role, she leads 18-faculty and a two-person staff in designing and delivering executive education and professional development courses for the Navy’s senior leadership. She manages the budget for the Navy Executive Development Program and administers an academic schedule of twenty-five formal courses and over twenty ad hoc programs tailored to command requirements. She also develops the Tailored Support (TS) courses for Flag Officers transferring to new assignments; the unique TS program is acclaimed for streamlining the Flag transition process, better preparing Flags for their next assignments, and enabling Flag Officers to more quickly adapt to the demands of their new commands. Read full bio...

The Faculty

The TS course utilizes academic experts from Naval Postgraduate School and Naval War College, as well as academic experts from other institutions.

The Location

TS is conducted at either Naval Postgraduate School (Center for Executive Education) or Naval War College.

Who Should Attend?

TS is designed for Navy flag officers at the 1-, 2-, 3- or 4- star level. The course can be taken multiple times in a flag officer’s career. Participants should be those who have recently assumed, are under orders to, or anticipate assignment to a new command or senior staff position.

Download the TS Fact Sheet in PDF format.

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