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LCSS: Leadership and Communication Program for Senior Supervisors

The Course

The Leadership and Communication Program for Senior Supervisors is a new hands-on, results oriented program for senior supervisors who want to improve their leadership and communication skills. This program is designed to help senior supervisors better know themselves, understand and manage the strengths and biases they bring to their workgroups, and develop critical skills for leading others. By the end of the course, participants will create personal leadership development plans incorporating the many techniques and insights gained.

What you'll learn during this workshop

  • The Role of the Senior Supervisor: Discussions will center around the special nature of supervisor communications. We’ll focus on what the supervisor can do to create a climate of trust, empowerment, confidence, and commitment.
  • Critical Conversations: High performing organizations engage in critical conversations that focus effort and facilitate joint action. Participants will learn how to engage in focusing discussions that tie employee actions to the organization’s mission, vision, guiding principles and strategic objectives, and unifying discussions that create empowering work climates that align employee behaviors.
  • Conflict Management: We’ll discuss the basics of conflict management and use examples from your organization to show how to better approach conflict. Individuals will complete a conflict style assessment so that they can learn their preferred approach to handling conflict.
  • Know Yourself – EQ-i: Participants will complete an Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i) assessment that will allow them to examine their social/emotional strengths/weaknesses and potential effects on their leadership style.
  • Upward Communication: Participants will learn ways to better align their own efforts with their manager. Action plans for better supervisor/manager alignment will be the outcome of this session.
  • Performance Feedback: Participants will learn how to provide performance feedback in a way it can be heard and is useful to their employees. Each participant will have an opportunity to role-play performance feedback for real-world scenarios.


The Faculty


Kimberlie Stephens  Dr. Stephens works at the intersection of research and practice. A student of organizations, she works as an instructor, facilitator and researcher to bridge academia and industry, allowing each to inform and motivate the other. She is a faculty member at the Naval Postgraduate School where she is the Program Manager for the Strategic Communication Workshop and the Leadership and Communication for Senior Supervisors Program. She is also an instructor in the Navy Senior Leader Seminar at the Center for Executive Education. Dr. Stephens has facilitated extensively with organizations across enterprise and operational domains. Read full bio...

Dr. Chip Wood

Dr. Chip Wood  Since 2005, Chip has served as a Senior Lecturer in Management for the Naval Postgraduate School in the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy and the Center for Executive Education. For the Business School, he currently teaches the Capstone Course for the Executive Masters in Business Administration Program. For the Center for Executive Education, he teaches in the Navy Senior Leader Seminar for high potential Senior Officers and Civilians preparing to move into executive level assignments, he manages the Executive Development and Coaching Programs for the Center, and he coaches Admirals in between assignments helping them prepare for their next assignment. Read full bio...


The Location

In person LCSS is conducted in the spaces of the Center for Executive Education on the campus of the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California or in designated Fleet concentration locations. If at NPS, lodging is available on-base at the Hotel Del Monte (formerly the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites) in historic Herrmann Hall.

Who Should Enroll?

USN/USMC O4/O5, E7-E9 and GS13/14. Experienced supervisors serving in other ranks may attend with permission from the registrar and/or the instructors.


Tuition for online and in residence is $2450 per person. The cost covers program instruction and program materials. Tuition does NOT include lodging, food, or other travel expenses. Each participant should be on official orders and is responsible for their own travels costs (flight, meals, lodging, incidentals).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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Contact the NPS Center for Executive Education's Registrar:, 831-656-3850 for registration information