About The Cebrowski Institute

About the Cebrowski Institute

You have a choice: you can either create your own future, or you can become the victim of a future that someone else creates for you. By seizing the transformation opportunities, you are seizing the opportunity to create your own future.   -- Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski (U.S. Navy, Ret.)

Cebrowski mission

The Cebrowski Institute is a hub of innovation for the information revolution in military and security affairs for the US Navy, the US DOD and the nation. The Institute helps generate innovative ideas for information strategy and tactics and supports the information entrepreneurs who champion them in the Navy and DOD. The Institute works with leaders and community networks to bring the new ideas into practice.

As a nexus of new ideas on the information revolution for military and security affairs, it combines the intellectual expertise of its faculty, the fresh operational experience of its officer-students, and the expertise of its military and government customers. Ultimately, it serves the nation as an important innovation broker by forging critical connections and support for those who serve in the vanguard of the information revolution.

Executing the Mission

We, the members of the Institute, are educators, scholars, researchers, students, and military officers at the Naval Postgraduate School. We execute the mission by:

  • Sponsoring and organizing regular workshops, symposia, guest lectures, panels, brown-bag seminars, brainstorming meetings, labs, and centers to help us understand and interpret the strategic and tactical implications of the information revolution.

  • Offering well-grounded assessments and constructive criticisms of current information analysis and practice even when the assessments challenge existing policies and strategies.

  • Establishing research projects that produce operationally informed analyses and new ideas on how best to achieve existing and proposed national security goals through information innovation.

  • Publishing findings in the form of reports, articles, workshop and symposium proceedings, student theses, and working prototypes.

  • Providing startup support for faculty teams who wish to organize new projects in information innovation.

  • Relevant case studies.
Operational domain

"My operational domain is the intersection between unarticulated needs and nonconsensual change."   -- Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski (U.S. Navy, Ret.)

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VADM Cebrowski

The institute is named after Vice Admiral Arthur Cebrowski, a distinguished graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School in Computer Systems Management in 1973, and retired director of the Defense Department's Office of Force Transformation. Known as the Father of Network Centric Warfare, he spent the last six years of his DOD service leading transformation in a cultural climate resistant to change. VADM Cebrowski passed away Nov. 12, 2005 after a long battle with cancer.

The Cebrowski Leadership

The Cebrowski Leadership

CI Leadership and Staff

Dr. Peter Denning

Distinguished Professor

Director, Cebrowski Institute

Chair, Computer Science




Dr. Denning

CDR Sue Higgins, USN (Ret.)

Research, Information Science

Deputy Director of the Cebrowski Institute





Warren Yu, USN (Ret.)

Chief Learning Officer




Faculty Associate

Program Manager, CI

STEM Leadership



Alison Kerr