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Exploitation of a Surface Current Mapping Network based on High Frequency Radar in support of the Central and Northern CA Ocean Observing System

A surface current mapping system based on a network of HF radar systems has been built up through State and Federal funding along the California coastline. Today, the HF radar (HFR) network is being supported as a component of NOAA/IOOS. NPS is continuing to deliver high quality environmental data to support the HF radar-related products and services offered by CeNCOOS and to contribute to the national backbone of IOOS observation data. The data consist of hourly surface current maps from HF radar sites in the region between Point Sur and Monterey Bay, California. The level of data quality assurance, timeliness of repairs, and amount of product development provided by NPS is a function of the level of matching funds received since the IOOS funding supports data collection only. For its part, NPS utilizes surface current mapping data from the entire west coast network in support of modeling and emergency response support tool research with Naval students and university partners.
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration