Student Welcome 1

Welcome to the Graduate Student Acquisition Research Program

Completing your thesis with the Acquisition Research Program (ARP) will deepen your understanding of acquisition processes and prepare you to lead and innovate as an acquisition professional. ARP provides students with topics, professional editing, and transcription services, when needed, at no cost.

Students can choose a sponsor topic (list available in 372 Ingersoll) or create their own in collaboration with thesis advisers. Sample research areas include the following:

  • acquisition and procurement policy

  • contract, supply chain, cost, project, logistics or engineering management

  • acquisition workforce

  • public budgeting and finance

  • outsourcing

  • performance measurements

  • small business

  • human systems integration

Student Expectations


Students are expected to produce publishable research, stay on schedule, and complete research projects two months prior to graduation. Research findings will be presented at ARP’s annual symposium, held each May in Monterey.

Over the span of about 6 months, you will complete the following steps:

7 steps of student research process from application to graduation

Student Application


Ready to research with ARP?  Full information about program requirements and deadlines can be found in ARP welcome packets organized by graduation date.  

To apply to ARP, email with a short cover letter and the following program application materials attached as a single PDF:

  • Signed ARP Application

  • Signed IRB Check List

Student information packets can be found below. These include the application, associated forms and samples.  We have also included relevant resources and writing handbooks for your use.

Click on your graduation date to get started.

Students Meet the Team

Meet the ARP Team

We would love to meet you!

Drop by the ARP Office (Ingersoll - 372) anytime to meet Jochele & Nadia and talk about our student program.  We can also be reached via email at or by phone at (831) 656-3793.