VI. Conclusion

As stated in the institutional proposal, "The accreditation effort will focus on NPS mission and how competing requirements are balanced while still meeting WASC academic standards. In particular, this proposal will consider the themes of integrating a campus-wide program of continuous improvement, supporting an evolving academic enterprise and strategic planning for the next NPS centennial."

Our three themes centered on the WASC Standards and the key findings of the 1999 Commission letter, which focused on: Inclusiveness and Diversity; Program Assessment and Educational Effectiveness; Technology and Learning Resources; and Planning, the Curriculum, and the Quality of Instruction.

As demonstrated throughout this Capacity and Preparatory Review self-study, the Naval Postgraduate School is fully prepared for the WASC reaccreditation process. The campus has engaged in tremendous internal and external dialogue and has demonstrated continuous improvements as we reviewed and addressed issues presented in the WASC Commission letter of July 1999. Both NPS and the U.S. Navy have made significant changes to and investments in NPS organizational and infrastructure support in order to facilitate and promote the continued delivery of high quality, relevant, graduate education to our unique student body. Strategic planning and open communications are moving NPS forward in new directions that support our expanding academic enterprise. This NPS Capacity and Preparatory Review report provides the foundation upon which we will set the goals and objectives for the subsequent Educational Effectiveness Review.