Faculty Activity and Information Reporting System (FAIRS)

To improve data reporting and simplify a number of processes, NPS has brought a new system on board. FAIRS is a tool hosted by Digital Measures for collection and storage of information about your scholarly and service activities for a number of uses, such as:

  • Faculty Activity Reports
  • Faculty CVs (to replace current NPS Faculty CV system - more info posted at bottom of page)
  • Promotion & Tenure documentation
  • Accreditation reports
  • And many more…

Need help?  See the bottom of the page for instructional materials and FAQ!

To access FAIRS click the button below

(Use your NPS ERN Login information to access the system.)

Log in to FAIRS


Please check with your Chair on how they would like your FAR submitted.  The FAIRS system does not "submit" your FAR. The "FAR is ready" checkbox indicates that you have completed your FAR and you will show as "completed" in the FAR Completion Report. 
FAR dates for 2022-23 TBD

FAIRS Data-System Diagram-1 FAR Sections and FAIRS Screens

FAIRS allows you and other users to enter data once so that it is available to you and administrators for many different purposes.  This will reduce the need for data calls and create more time for faculty to focus on more important tasks.

For more information about see the Watermark (Activity Insight) website.  

To access FAIRS, go to:

  • https://www.watermark.com/login/nps/faculty/
    • Note:  If you wish to bookmark this site, you may need to manually enter the link into your bookmarks for it to work reliably.  As an alternative, we recommend that you bookmark this page instead.
  • Use your NPS ERN Login information to access the system

For more information and training, go to: