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Welcome to the Field Experimentation 18-3 Page

On the right you will find links to event documents and resources for FX 18-3, to be held at Camp Roberts, California from 4 - 8 June 2018. 

Below you will find updates both prior to and during the event.

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JIFX 18-3 Special Interest Area - Group 2/3 UAS

While experiments proposals adressing any askpect of the RFI are welcome, at JIFX 18-3

we are particularly interested in developing a better understanding of the state of technology

in larger (Group 2/3) unmanned air systems, Including:

  • Payload/Sensor Capabilities (e.g. modularity, power)
  • Flight Characteristics (e.g. speed, maneuverability, endurance, altitude)
  • Launch and Recovery (e.g. runway, unimproved, ship)  
  • Modular / Interchangeable Payloads
  • Operating Conditions (e.g. environmental limits, fuel types)
  • Navigation (e.g. precision GPS, GPS-denied navigation, autonomous takeoff and landing)    
  • Compatibility & Compliance (e.g. open architecture, STANAG 4596)    
  • C2 / Data Communications (e.g. protocols, encryption)  
  • Ground Control Station (e.g. portability, compatibility, multi-system control)




Click here to see the entire Request for Information Addendum


List of Experiments - TBD


A. Unmanned, Semi-Autonomous, and Autonomous Systems Design, Deployment and Operations

B. Countering Unmanned Systems

F. Precision Navigation and Timing (PNT) in GPS Denied Environments

H. Digital analytics

J. Communication and Networking

K. Decision Support (DS), Situation Awareness (SA), and visualization

L. Humanitarian Assistance (HA), Disaster Response (DR), Defense Support to Civil Authority (DSCA), and Pandemic Response

N. Cyber, Cyber Security, and Electronic Warfare


Draft Event Schedule


Monday, 4 June

0900 – Venue and Registration Open

0930 – Arrival and Setup Time – All participants check in at registration trailer PRIOR to going to experiment sites

1200 – Event In Brief (mandatory for all experimenters)

  • Opening remarks (JIFX staff)
  • Safety brief overview (JIFX staff)
  • Experiment Introductions (Experiment leads)
  • Opportunities for Collaboration (Experiment leads)
  • Flight Operations

1400 – Afternoon Experimentation & RF Emitter Characterization and Frequency De-confliction (mandatory for all experiments transmitting on UAS control frequencies)

1700 – Afternoon Debrief


Tuesday, 5 June

0700 – Venue and Registration Open

0800 – Morning Brief (mandatory for one representative from each experiment)

0900 – Morning experimentation

1200 – Lunch Presentation: 

1300 – Afternoon experimentation

1700 – Afternoon Debrief (mandatory for one representative from each experiment)


Wednesday, 6 June

0700– Venues and registration open

0800 – Morning brief (mandatory for one representative from each experiment)

0900– Morning experimentation

1300 – JIFX Stakeholder Meeting (JIFX Staff & Government Stakeholders Only)

1700 – Afternoon Debrief (mandatory for one representative from each experiment)

Thursday, 7 June

0700 – Venues & registration open

0800 – Morning brief (mandatory for one representative from each experiment)

0900 – Integrated Scenario Experimentation

1200 – Lunch Break

1300 – Afternoon Experimentation

1600 – Event Debrief (mandatory for one representative from each experiment)

Friday, 8 June

0700 – Finish remaining experimentation, pack and depart

Experimenters Phone Calls

Wednesdays, 1330 ET / 1030 PT  

(831) 296-3509  

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Weekly Experiment Phone Calls
Wednesdays 1330 ET / 1030 PT

Important Links

Directions, Logistics, and Shipping


Map of FX Areas


McMillan Airfield Weather


Cursor-on-Target Message Router User's Guide



Please fill it out for each traveler and submit it to: https://safe.amrdec.army.mil.  

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