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NSA's Malian Students Featured in Weekly
NSA’s students from Mali have been featured in a recent edition of the Monterey Weekly. The eight students have come from Mali’s Ministries of Defense, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Finance and Securit... Read More

NSA Professors Tenured and Promoted
NSA department congratulates two professors, Dr. Naazneen Barma and Dr. Zachary Shore, who have been tenured and promoted.  Dr. Barma’s is an outstanding professor with wide-ranging scholarship ... Read More

NSA’s Dr. Kapur Published New Article in Foreign Affairs
NSA’s Dr. S. Paul Kapur, along with Sumit Ganguly, has authored a new article that appeared in the 14 March issue of Foreign Affairs. As India’s fleet of MiG 21s is aging, it is seeking a replacement ... Read More

NSA Student and Professor Publish on Foreign Fighters
A former NSA student, Sean C. Reynolds, and NSA Professor Mohammed Hafez have just published an empirical study entitled “Social Network Analysis of German Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq” in the j... Read More

NSA’s Dr. Chris Matei Explores Chilean Intelligence after Pinochet
NSA’s Dr. Cris Matei, along with coauthor Dr. Andrés de Castro García, has recently had an article published in International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence. The article, titled “Chil... Read More

NSA’s Dr. Meierding Has New Article on Joint Development in the South China Sea
Dr. Emily Meierding's article “Joint Development in the South China Sea: Exploring the Prospects of Oil and Gas Cooperation between Rivals” was published in the February 2017 issue of Energy Research ... Read More

Lt. Cassingham, Former NSA Grad, Receives Award for Work on China’s Dredging
After graduating with his Master of Arts with a focus Southeast Asia, former NSA student Lt. Grant Cassingham, an officer in the information warfare community, completed a project for the NPS Littoral... Read More

NSA Profs. Barma and Piombo Publish Jointly in International Peacekeeping
Two NSA faculty, Profs. Naazneen Barma and Jessica Piombo, have authored an article with Naomi Levy of Santa Clara University, titled “Disentangling Aid Dynamics in Statebuilding and Peacebuildin... Read More

NSA Prof. Ostovar Publishes on Iran's Foreign Policy in the Middle East
NSA Prof. Afshon Ostovar has written an article titled “From Tehran to Mosul: Iran and the Middle East's Great Game” for the November issue of Foreign Affairs. Read More

Prof Tom Young on Challenges in Post-Communist European Defense Institutions
Dr. Tom Young has recently published two articles related to challenges of reform in post-Communist European defense institutions. The first, “The Challenge of Reforming European Communist Legacy ‘Log... Read More

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The National Security Affairs Department at the Naval Postgraduate School invites applications for the following full-time positions:

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Latest Publications

Handbook of Transitions to Energy and Climate Security
Author: Robert E. Looney
An original contribution to our understanding of a phenomenon that is reshaping the world, this title thoroughly discusses the transformation of the energy security policy arena brought on by two dram...

The Peacebuilding Puzzle: Political Order in Post-Conflict States
Author: Naazneen H. Barma
Dr. Naazneen Barma's recent publication with Cambridge University Press, The Peacebuilding Puzzle, explains the disconnect between the formal institutional engineering undertaken by international...

Jihad as Grand Strategy: Islamist Militancy, National Security, and the Pakistani State
Author: S. Paul Kapur
Islamist militants based in Pakistan have played a major role in terrorism around the world and pose a significant threat to regional and international security. Although the Pakistan-militant connect...

Vanguard of the Imam: Religion, Politics and Iran's Revolutionary Guards
Author: Afshon Ostovar
Professor Afshon Ostovar will be joining the Department of National Security Affairs in July. This is the first comprehensive history of the IRGC from its establishment through 2015. This book explores the development of the IRGC as an institution of power in Iran, and as an influential covert and military force in the Middle East. Afshon Ostovar moves beyond standard narratives of the IRGC, and examines the impact of culture, identity, and religion on the organization's politics and activities.

Maritime Strategy and Global Order
Author: Dan Moran and James Russell
Taken for granted as the natural order of things, peace at sea is in fact an immense and recent achievement—but also an enormous strategic challenge if it is to be maintained in the future. In Maritime Strategy and Global Order, an international roster of top scholars offers historical perspectives and contemporary analysis to explore the role of naval power and maritime trade in creating the international system.

Fall of the Sultanate
Author: Ryan Gingeras
The Great War and the End of the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1922: A concise, comprehensive survey of the Ottoman Empire in the early twentieth century. Represents the most current research and interpretations from the field of Ottoman history. Offers a readable narrative comprising rich surveys of key individuals and events.

Grad School Essentials
Author: Zachary Shore
What’s the hardest part of grad school? It’s not simply that the workload is heavy and the demands are high. It’s that too many students lack efficient methods to let them do their best. Professor Zachary Shore aims to change this. With humorous, lively prose, Professor Shore teaches you to master the five most crucial skills you need to succeed: how to read, write, speak, act, and research at a higher level. Each chapter in this no-nonsense guide outlines a unique approach to acquiring a skill and then demonstrates how to enhance it. Through these concrete, practical methods, Grad School Essentials will save you time, elevate the quality of your work, and help you to earn the degree you seek.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
Author: Ryan Gingeras
Part of The World in A Life series, this brief text provides insight into the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. By the outbreak of World War II, the Republic of Turkey epitomized more than a state bound for better times; it aspired to represent the essence of modern politics in the twentieth century.

Nationalism, Language, and Muslim Exceptionalism
Author: Tristan J. Mabry
In an era of ethnopolitical conflict and constitutional change worldwide, nationalist and Islamist movements are two of the most powerful forces in global politics. However, the respective roles played by nationalism and Islamism in Muslim separatist movements have until recently been poorly understood. The conventional view foregrounds Muslim exceptionalism, which suggests that allegiance to the nation of Islam trumps ethnic or national identity. But, as Tristan James Mabry shows, language can be a far more reliable indicator of a Muslim community's commitment to nationalist or Islamist struggles.

The US Military in Africa
Author: Jessica Piombo
Recent US security policy toward Africa has adopted a multidimensional approach—including the use of military assets to promote economic development and good governance—that has raised questions and generated considerable debate. Can actors like the US military develop appropriate methods to address both US and African interests? What blend of civilian and military programs are most likely to produce the best outcomes? And more fundamentally, is the military the appropriate actor to undertake governance and development projects?

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