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Professor Garth V. Hobson


Turbopropulsion Laboratory

Department of Mechanical

and Astronautics

Code ME/Hg

Naval Postgraduate School

700 Dyer Road, Room 137

Monterey, California 93943-5146

phone: (831) 656-2888

fax: (831) 656-2864

email: gvhobson@nps.navy.mil




The main courses I have taught are:

AA2042 Fundamentals of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics

AA2043 Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics

AA3451 Aircraft and Missile Propulsion (Dist. Learning)

AA3501 Aerodynamic Analysis (Distance Learning)

AA3802 Advanced Aeronautical Measurements

AA4632 Computer Methods in Aeronautics (Dist. Learning)

AA4507 Computational Fluid Dynamics (Dist. Learning)

ME3450 Computational Methods in Mechanical Engineering

ME3240 Marine Power and Propulsion

ME2201 Introduction to Fluid Mechaincs

ME4225 Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer(Dist. Learning)



My main research areas are:

Gas Turbine Aerothermodynamics



High Speed UAV and Missile Propulsion

MPEG of the Shrouded Microjet running in the test stand

MPEG of the Shrouded Microjet running in the FreeJet


Non-intrusive Measurements in Turbomachines

Fan and Compressor Stall


Low Speed Cascade Wind Tunnel


Turbine Tip Leakage Flows

Tip Leak

Turbine of Space Shuttle Main Engine, High Pressure Fuel Turbopump


Computational Fluid Dynamics of Turbomachines


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List of Publications:

Papers that I have written: (which you can download - if you do please send me an email)

LDV Measurements in the Endwall Region of an Annular Turbine Cascade Through an Aerodynamic Window, with Donovan and Spitz

AIAA Paper 97-3012


Effect of Reynolds Number on Separation Bubbles on Controlled-Diffusion Compressor Blades in Cascade, with Hansen, Schnorenberg and Grove

IGTI Paper 98-GT-422


Appendix of abovementioned IGTI paper which has the blade machine coordinates

C-D profile


Service and Committees:

I belong to the following organizations:



I am a member of the following committees:

NPS Numerically Intensive Computing Committee


Graduate Students:

Capt. Sulieman Al Aman                (graduated June '00)

Lt. Jim Carlson   (graduated Sept. '00)

LCDR Hector Garcia (graduated Dec. '00)