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Welcome to the JIFX 17-4 Announcement Page

On the right you will find links to event documents and resources for JIFX 17-4, held at Camp Roberts, California from 31 July - 4 August, 2017. 

Below you will find updates both prior to and during the event.

Blogs Blogs

JIFX 17-4 Evaluations Survey
Survey to evaluate experiments at JIFX 17-4: Click Here
JIFX 17-4 Logistics Email

The following email was sent to all registered antendees for JIFX 17-4.  If you have not registered for the event and are intending to attend, please complete the registration survey at https://survey.nps.edu/829697/lang-en


JIFX attendees,


Thank you for registering for JIFX 17-4.  Please visitwww.nps.edu/fx for more information about the event.  Click on the “JIFX 17-4” tab on the top of the page to view a current list of planned experiments, a schedule of events, and other important information about the event.


Unescorted Access and Foreign Visit Requests

Please note that requests for unescorted access and visit requests for non-U.S. Citizens are still being processed.  We expect these to be completed soon and you will receive a separate confirmation email when they are approved.  If you require either of these and have not received a notice that we are processing your request please let us know.  To apply for this background check, please visit www. nps.edu/web/fx/jifx-live and follow the instructions on the right side of the screen.  Please submit these forms ASAP. 


Driving Directions

JIFX will take place at McMillan Airfield located within Camp Roberts.  Please enter Camp Roberts through the main gate (Exit #244) off of US101.  You will need to present photo ID’s and car registration at the main gate.  The main gate will have a list of all registered attendees, so if you are receiving this email, you are on the list to enter Camp Roberts.


Directions from the main gate to McMillan Airfield:

Continue on A Street to California Blvd after passing through the main gate (keep left at the Y in the road)

At the end of the road, turn left on Washington Blvd.

Drive approximately 1 mile, then turn right on East Perimeter Road.

Continue approximately 3.5 miles on E Perimeter Road (Continue passed the Satellite facility)

Arrive at McMillan Airfield on the right side of the road

Parking is available on the left side of the road

*Please abide to all speed limit and traffic signs while driving on Camp Roberts!*


Camp Roberts Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?ll=35.720724417355726%2C-120.75871637823485&z=14&mid=1gUVxeZq6HP8_ntCBXa5yCJAQCKQ


Upon arriving at Camp Roberts, please first check-in at the Administrative Trailer at McMillan.  This is the first building on your right as you walk into the facility.  All JIFX attendees are required to wear a name badge for the duration of the event and carry a handheld radio if you leave McMillan. 

The CACTF is located approximately 15 minutes from McMillan Airfield.  Directions to the CACTF will be available in the Admin trailer or at the Google Map link above.


Monday Morning Schedule

0800: Venue and Registration Open

0800-1200: Experiment Set-Up (No flying)

1200: Event In-Brief (Mandatory for all) – Opening remarks, safety overview, experiment introductions, collaboration discussion

1230: Flight Operation Brief (Mandatory for ALL experiments involving flight operations)

1400: RF Emitter Characterization and Frequency De-confliction (Mandatory for all experiments transmitting on flight control frequencies)

1400-1700: Afternoon Experimentation

1700: Afternoon Debrief


Please see the attached schedule for more information about experimentation blocks and daily schedules. Feel free to contact me regarding changes to the schedule.  


Other Important Items

JIFX does not provide meal service.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch with them each day.  There are two kitchens on site complete with refrigerators, microwaves, and running water.  The tap water at the venue is potable and JIFX staff will provide bottled water for all participants. 


Summers in Camp Roberts are hot and Camp Roberts is a very dry and arid environment. Please come prepared to stay hydrated in the heat.  Additionally, Camp Roberts is a natural habitat for wildlife including rattlesnakes, scorpions, and spiders. Please be aware of your environments while you are travelling around Camp Roberts.


Dress code is field casual.  Comfortable shoes and long pants are strongly encourage and neck ties may be cut off and ceremoniously tacked to the wall.


Shipping Instructions may be found on the website at the following link: www.nps.edu/web/fx/directions


We are looking forward to another great week of experimentation and collaboration at this JIFX.  Please feel free to email myself (ashobson@nps.edu) and/or Scotty (grscott@nps.edu) with any additional questions.  Have a good day!

Welcome to JIFX 17-4

Please check back here often, and use the links to the right for updated information about JIFX 17-4.


If you have any questions, please let us know:  npsfx (at) nps.edu

NPS Robodata
You can learn more about the NPS project to collect data from unmanned systems here.
Annotated Map of Camp Roberts Features
Annotated map of features of Camp Roberts and JIFX available here.
McMillan Weather
Weather for McMillan Airfield for the past 24 hours is available here.
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Directions & Logistics

Register to Attend

Safety Brief

AAR Form


Airspace Control Plan



Important Links


Requirements for Flight at Camp Roberts


Requirements for Frequency Use at NPS FX 


Camp Roberts Unescorted Access Form

Please fill it out for each traveler and submit it to: https://safe.amrdec.army.mil.  

AMRDEC Instructions:

1. If a warning notice appears, read it thoroughly and press 'OK.'

2. On the home page, select the 'Click Here' button under 'Non-CAC Users' or CAC Users

3. On the top of the screen under 'Personal Information', fill out the fields 'Your Name,' 'Your Email Address,' and 'Confirm Your Email Address.'

4. Under 'File Information,' select the 'Choose File' button.  In the file explorer that appears, select your completed document.

5. Under 'Recipient Information' and 'Manually Enter Email Address,' type in: ashobson@nps.navy.mil and press 'Add.'

6. Do NOT select or modify any of the options under 'Email Settings.'

7. At the bottom of the page, select 'Upload.'