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NPS FY99 Technical Reports

Report Number Author Title
NPS-AA-99-001 Harman Dynamic Effects of the RAH-66 Comanche 20MM Gun on Target Accuracy and Sensor Aiming Error (Thesis)
NPS-CS-99-002 Luqi Proceedings of The 1998 ARO/ONR/NSF/DARPA Monterey Workshop on Engineering Automation for Computer Based Systems
NPS-CS-99-004 Berzins, Luqi, Shing, Saluto, Williams, Williams Re-Engineering the Janus(A) Combat Simulation System
NPS-CS-99-005 Levin, Irvine An Approach to Characterizing Resource Usage and User Preferences in Benefit Functions
NPS-CS-99-007 Irvine, Levin Toward a Taxonomy and Costing Method for Security Services
NPS-CS-99-008 Irvine, Levin A Note on Mapping User-Oriented Security Policies to Complex Mechanisms and Services
NPS-EC-99-002 Ciezki, Ashton FEBB Feedback Control Law Library - Volume 1 - Three-Phase Inverter Control Algorithms
NPS-EC-99-003 Ciezki, Ashton Analysis of a PWM Resonant Buck Chopoer for Use as a Ship Service Converter Module
NPS-EC-99-004 Steenman Investigation of Near-Field Electromagnetic Source Imaging Using Inverse Green's Function Integrations (Thesis)
NPS-EC-99-006 Hippenstiel, Ha, Aktas Localization of Wireless Emitters Based on the Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and Wavelet Denoising
NPS-IW-99-001 Tortorelli Securely Migrating to Windows 2000 (Thesis)
NPS-MA-99-001 Frenzen Convolution Methods for Mathematical Problems in Biometrics
NPS-MA-99-002 Jayachandran An Analytical Cost Estimation Procedure
NPS-MA-99-004 Clynch, Franke, Neta Improvements in Dymanic GPS Positions Using Track Averaging
NPS-MA-99-005 Russak Worst Case Geometric Scenarios for Geo-Location Determination by a Network of Satellite Mounted Sensors (An Interim Report)
NPS-ME-99-002 Calvano, Harney The Maritime Preposition Force Ship 2010
NPS-ME-99-003 Piton Design and Evaluation of a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) for the NPS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
NPS-ME-99-004 Lalaque Design of a Power Bus for a New Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
NPS-ME-99-005 Doleac A Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Generating NPS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Execution Script Files
NPS-ME-99-006 Garibal Mechanical Design for a New Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (UAV)
NPS-ME-99-007 McDermott Implementation of a Shell Element with Pressure and Void Effects into DYSMAS
NPS-ME-99-009 Gordis, Neta

Efficient Nonlinear Transient Dynamic Analysis for Structural Optimization Using an Exact Integral Equation Formulation

NPS-MR-99-001 Sopko Observation and Analysis of Coastally Trapped Wind Reversals (Thesis)
NPS-MR-99-002 Carr, Elsberry Systematic and Integrated Approach to Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasting: Part III: Traits Knowledge Base for JTWC Track Forecast Models in the Western Pacific
NPS-OC-99-001 Asanuma Changes in the Hydrography of Central California Waters Associated with the 1997-1998 El Niño (Thesis)
NPS-OR-99-001 Gaver, Jacobs In Search of Military Unit Formations: G-String Models
NPS-OR-99-002 Gaver, Jacobs Analytical Models for Battlespace Information Operations (Bat-IO) Part 2
NPS-OR-99-003 Buttrey, Larson Determining Characteristic Groups to Predict Army Attrition
NPS-OR-99-004 Baker, Morton, Rosenthal, Williams Optimizing Strategic Airlift
NPS-OR-99-006 Koyak Research Opportunities in Joint Interoperability Testing
NPS-SM-99-001 Kocher, Thomas Profile of Unsatisfactory Participant Losses From the USAR
NPS-SM-99-002 Choplin, Kominiak, Thomas Reasons for Unsatisfactory Participation in the Army Reserve: A Socialization Perspective
NPS-SM-99-003 Gue A Dynamic Distribution Model for Combat Logistics
NPS-SM-99-004 San Miguel A Comparison of the Financial Disclosure Questionnaires For the Federal Agencies
NPS-SM-99-005 Gue Data and Models to Build Supply Blocks for Deploying Marine Corps Units
NPS-UW-99-001 Scandrett, Baker Pritchard's Approximation in Array Modeling